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Re: Ignition Switch Wiring WORLDWIDE Safety Recall SRAN574
« Reply #296 on: June 26, 2021, 01:15:27 am »
*Originally Posted by Coconut [+]
Thanks for the Update !

It's great to hear that you are back on the road and everything is sorted.  :152:

Triumph should be applauded for putting this right after you were let down by the Dealer,
who will hopefully have learned some valuable lessons along the way !

Cheers  :821:

Yes, I think I also learn an important lesson as well, hopefully the Dealer's service department is up to the task in the future. But Yes, Triumph America earned big points in my book over the way this was taken care of. :152: two thumbs up!!!

Thanks for your knowledge on this model also Coconut! This forum is the best because of people like you!  :062: