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Brake light trigger point - issue?

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Hi all! So just the other day I noticed a troublesome issue: neither my front nor rear brake trigger the brake light until well after I am actually applying the brakes. It's as if the triggering part of the levers are out of adjustment with the switches, but I see no way to adjust the front (and that's the brake I use roughly 100% of the time, give or take 0%.

Has anyone else noticed this? Were you able to mitigate it?

The rear brake light switch can be adjusted, you probably already know that,
but there is no such adjustment for the front brake lever switch.

Does the brake light come on at all when the front brake is used, or does it just come on late ?

If it doesn't come on at all then there may be a break in the wiring that could be located and repaired
but if it's coming on too late, then it may need replacing, unless you can dismantle it and see whether
the internal contacts can be cleaned up ( think it might be a micro switch though ).

Unfortunately the Front Brake light switch is not listed as a separate part,
and it's wring is combined with the wiring harness feeding the main switch cluster,
and may need that complete assembly to be replaced !

There's a previous Topic about it here :

Front brake light switch failure.

Good Photos showing the wiring loom for the Switch Cube on eBay ( used Switch for sale ) here :
( Note : It's the earlier version of this switch cube with the shorter Cruise Control buttons ).

2013 Triumph 1215 Trophy SE Right Hand Control Switch Start Kill T2042204

Ya I already adjusted the rear. The front works fine, just a bit too far into lever travel is all. I'm going to have a look at adding a little but of material to the lever.

Originally Posted by dietDrThunder ... I'm going to have a look at adding a little but of material to the lever.
Originally Posted by dietDrThunder
Hey DietDoc, could use some coaching here on the comment you made regarding adding material to your front brake lever. Can you elaborate if you did so please and, if possible post / reply back with a photo and what you used to do so. After riding with a friend today who had comms he asked me how I was stopping without triggering a brake light. I do have brake lights but it takes serious front brake lever pressure to trigger the light.

Any suggestions would be appreciated



I've taken apart the left switch cube to trouble shoot a failure to start issue to check the clutch switch.  They are nothing more than microswitches inside the switch cubes and if the brake switch is similar and that switch has moved slightly in it's mount it may mean nothing more than repositioning it and securing it.


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