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    Re: Things to check as I ease my Trophy into use for winter riding...
    Reply #8 on: Oct 01, 2019, 11.23 pm
    Oct 01, 2019, 11.23 pm
    After shopping around for the better part of a year, I recommend test riding the following models if you get a chance:
    • Zero SR/F
    • Energica Eva 107
    • Energica Eva Esse Esse 9
    • Energica Ego (if you're okay with the pure sport riding position)

    These 4 are the best of the currently available electrics at a "reasonable" cost.

    Many folks complain about the weight of electrics, especially the Energicas but since you ride a Trophy the weight probably won't be a big deal (it wasn't for me). I purposely left the Harley Davidson Livewire off the list only because at $30k USD it doesn't do anything better than the 4 bikes I listed which range from $19k-$28k USD depending on options (Ohlins suspension options on the Energicas really bump up the cost).

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    Re: Things to check as I ease my Trophy into use for winter riding...
    Reply #9 on: Oct 02, 2019, 06.06 pm
    Oct 02, 2019, 06.06 pm
    *Originally Posted by BigPoppa [+]
    Hey All,

    I've had my Trophy parked for the past 3 months as I've used my electric for commuting. Although Northern California weather allows for year round riding, it's starting to get cold enough in the mornings that I'm considering parking the electric and switching to my Trophy for daily commuting again. I've tried to ride the Trophy for ~40-50 miles once every couple of weeks while I've been riding the electric.

    Is there anything I should check on the Trophy before promoting it back to full time use since I have been trying to ride it at least once every couple of weeks or are the regular pre-ride checks sufficient (tires, oil, fuel)? This is the longest my Trophy has gone without regular use since I bought it new.

    Thanks in advance...

    You should be fine with the tire/oil check before riding.  Here in the Northeast, my bike typically gets parked for 4+ months of the year during ice/salt season.  Battery goes on a tender and the fuel tank gets filled.  As long as it starts back up in the spring, it gets the oil and tire check, and off we go again.  Trophy hasn't been through this with me yet as I just got it this summer, but 3 previous bikes (1 carb'ed, 2 FI) all did fine like this.

    Due to work/life stuff my bike periodically sits for 2 weeks at a time with zero riding.  Often can't plan for these breaks.  No special treatment - just the usual oil/tire check before riding and off I go. 

    Thanks also for the info on the electrics - not a workable option for me and my use cases right now, but I am interested in them and keeping my out for test rides...
    2015 TTSE.  It's blue.