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Rain gear
« on: October 02, 2019, 02:38:32 AM »
Aaarrrrrggghhhh!  It's so hot, get all sweaty underneath, clammy and doesn't want to come off when it's time to shed it!  Well.  Klim now has Gore-Tex rain pants and jackets!  I just got the Klim Forecast pants in size large to go over my Olympia Airglide size large pants from my earlier bigger waist and that were hemmed up), and the Forecast Hi-Vis medium jacket to go over my Olympia Airglide jacket size large.  I'm 5'-7" with a 35" waist on a fat day and 29" inseam, and 43" chest if that gives you any reference points.  The pants have hip to cuff water resistant (if not waterproof, hard to tell) zippers for ease of use, a waist gusset with a waterproof zipper, and multiple snap type cuff adjustments.  They cover my boots to the instep in the riding position, and the jacket sleeves are long enough to cover my gloves to the wrist or a little more and have velcro adjusters.  Overall, I think this is the perfect solution for me, fits over the jacket and pants, even with my Gerbings heated liners in place, and may not be as hot as typical rain gear.  I just went through the new riding gear search for Gore-Tex or something that may not need rain gear, or had more protection and lots of ventilation but still needed rain gear, and was terribly disappointed in how heavy, hot, and cumbersome it all was.  I really hope this works well, because it seems like it fills all my requirements, EXCEPT PRICE, it's $199 for each piece.  Oh well, cheaper than any other Gore-Tex gear and I get to keep my summer gear that is, yes 9 years old, but fits and feels comfortable.  I'll let you know how it works as soon as I can find a day to ride in a rainy spot anywhere in the New Braunfels, Texas area.  I'm kinda looking forward to some rain surprisingly.  Hope it all turns out well.
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