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    Starting to Love my Trophy Again!
    on: Oct 22, 2019, 12.33 pm
    Oct 22, 2019, 12.33 pm
    My 2017 TTSE has less than 1500 miles on it.  When I first started riding it we didn't get along and I dropped the bike at least three times after recovering from a subdural hematoma in my brain which affected my balance (this is when I totaled my HD back in 2017).  I paid out of pocket about $3,000 for repairs to bring the bike to pristine condition but was unsure of my abilities to ever ride the bike again.  After waiting a substantial period of time to let my balance come back I got back on the bike and we became friends.  I haven't dropped the bike since and don't intend for this to happen again.  I still haven't had my wife as a pillion yet as still not that secure with my abilities. I've used the top box (undamaged) once to get the bike home and the panniers of which one was damaged but replaced.  I am now looking into really maintaining my bike looking into how to "super" clean it with distilled waster and applying this stuff called Top Coat F11 which looks pretty good.  I am 69 years old and don't plan on getting rid of my TTSE and will ride it for another 5 years if my health holds out as I have a bad back that needs surgery. I have 5 more years on my aftermarket warranty I paid for.  If I am still healthy after all this I will probably by an Indian as my dealer sells Indians and Triumphs since Triumph no longer makes a sport\touring bike.  I hope to start really using the TTSE with its panniers and top box and actually touring on it someday.  I really love how smooth the bike is and how it performs and see no reason of getting another bike at this time.  I appreciate any of you who listened to my rambling  :005:
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    Re: Starting to Love my Trophy Again!
    Reply #1 on: Oct 22, 2019, 02.12 pm
    Oct 22, 2019, 02.12 pm
    Hey Gary,
    Itís good to hear that you are still lurking around.
    The only way you are going to gain confidence in yourself and your Trophy is to ride the wheels off of it.  :038:

    Find yourself an unused parking lot, and practice your slow speed maneuvers, like figure eights and decreasing radius circles. Do it until you no longer feel worried about dropping your Trophy. Once you conquer the slow speed stuff, the street riding will actually be fun again.

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    Re: Starting to Love my Trophy Again!
    Reply #2 on: Oct 22, 2019, 02.36 pm
    Oct 22, 2019, 02.36 pm
    Great that you're back in the saddle! :046:
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    Re: Starting to Love my Trophy Again!
    Reply #3 on: Oct 22, 2019, 10.37 pm
    Oct 22, 2019, 10.37 pm
    Gary, like Saddle Tramp and trophied I'm very happy to read that "love" is indeed in the air again. I've believed in you from the very start. I just wish there wasn't an ocean between us as I would have you out riding with me on a regular basis. One thing I do is when moving the bike around in my shed is I rest it on my right hip to take the weight. Also I make sure I remove the top box, panniers and tank bag before moving it. Persevere old mate, the more your riding it, the more love will come your way. Cheers.  :821: :028: :158:
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    Re: Starting to Love my Trophy Again!
    Reply #4 on: Oct 23, 2019, 09.26 am
    Oct 23, 2019, 09.26 am
    Hi Gary, good to see you are back in the saddle. As others always say, riding within your own capabilities is the best way to build up your skills, just enjoy what you want to do. I don't know if this will help, but whenever I manoeuvre my bike, I push from the right side, with the side stand down. That way, if it goes away from me, the stand is down, if it comes towards me, I am there to control it better. Works for me and pushing from the left side seems "odd"

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    Re: Starting to Love my Trophy Again!
    Reply #5 on: Oct 23, 2019, 11.30 am
    Oct 23, 2019, 11.30 am
    *Originally Posted by 1675 [+]
    whenever I manoeuvre my bike, I push from the right side, with the side stand down.

    Good tip  :152:

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    Re: Starting to Love my Trophy Again!
    Reply #6 on: Oct 23, 2019, 03.03 pm
    Oct 23, 2019, 03.03 pm
    It sounds like you either had an accident or dropped your Trophy moving it. I've done both, although the accident was on a BMW R1150R. My wife and I were both seriously injured. It took 12 years to want to ride again, but we;re both riding again. My wife is my passenger. Two things helped me with the Trophy: a lowering kit and watching motorcycle training videos from MCRider and practicing in parking lots. The Trophy is a big tall bike. I've been riding for forty years and didn't know what I didn't know! The weight magnifies the need for good technique. Best to you!