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Lowered Suspension
« on: November 16, 2019, 03:24:42 PM »
Well I finally bit the bullet and lowered the suspension on the bike, I'm not going to do a blow by blow account as to how to do it, there's a very good post that can be found in the search bar if anyone is unsure, but as I'm fairly confident on how to do it I just cracked on, I will say I'm a mechanical engineer anyway, and found the whole job straight forward.

Everything was going very well, up to the point when I removed the exhaust, three of the six "tangs" on the end of the header pipes fell off, when I undid the clamp from around where the silencer end pipe fit's into the metal gauze gasket  :138:.. on inspection, I noticed that they had corroded through, and with the heat, well that finished them off.

I looked on the World Of Triumph web site for a price,  :164:...after I finished laughing I phoned my local Dealer, the "part" from them is £686, WOT wanted almost £800...the guy on the parts counter gave me a web address for a company that do a 3 into 1 set up, aftermarket part for around the £270 mark...I have yet to look at the site, but my dealer have had parts sent there from other Triumph owners, they do all sorts of stuff apparently, Lextek Motorcycle Products...anyway, it will have to stay like it until the new year now, I replaced the rear Links, refitted the silencer, I'm kind of surprised it's not really blowing, only ever so slightly, and it,s no noisier then before. What did surprise me was the difference in the thickness from the OEM link to the new one, Triumph link 4mm...Lust Link 6mm..the other thing that messed with my head, you have to have a longer link, to lower the suspension  :187: :027: :087:

Anyway, I progressed to the front forks, this was just as easy to do, reading the fitting instructions  :169: that came with the drop links..Lust Links...they say to lower the forks 14mm, this I did, fastening everything back up to manufactures spec, I let the engine management do it's calibrating thing, and for the first time I can get my feet flat on the floor, I have not done a road test yet, I will do that tomorrow....A big thank you to Guitarman for sending me the Droplinks, top man.

I'm mortified, looking at the photo's now, my bike is filthy  :114:, good spring clean in the new year. 


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Re: Lowered Suspension
« Reply #1 on: November 16, 2019, 09:16:25 PM »
Great isn't it? :821:
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