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I want to send this mail to customer care triumph
« on: August 09, 2013, 11:53:14 pm »

anyone knows the customer care mail of hinkley triumph?

Mr Triumph

I am CÚsar Acu˝a Corchero, a trophy buyer, with number of chassis SMTV2H11E9Dxxxxxxxxxxx


Let my BMW 1200rt, for problems that gave, and buy the trophy, trusting that after five years of development, it would be the perfect bike for me, but the reality is quite the opposite.


I don't have any kind of complaint with the dealer who sold me my bike, they are capable and professional, but if I have a problem with the Triumph brand and with Spain triumph, which takes a long time to resolve problems


15 Days remove the bike dealer and 1200km, the damper fails, the bike dancing back going from 90 km/h, after much insisting they change me cushion warranty.

The 2000 km:

 -disappears LCD screen stays blank and then returns. (very common fault in the trophy)

 -sometimes without any reason the speedometer needle goes down to 0 km/h and back up. (very common fault in the trophy)

-speed constant motorbike ratea (as if you stayed out of gas, as if it is retarded), this makes it both with active cruise control, as disabled

Triumph workshop updated me the software, it fits a few days and back problems


The 3250 miles:

-all of the above

-the screen, sometimes does not work, stop turn off the bike and back to work until the next failure. (very common fault in the trophy)

-the bike with two-day stop, really smells like gasoline

-radio mode with bluetooth helmet,

it emits audio with cuts, (very common fault in the trophy)

only three stations, tune

Triumph workshop updated me the software of the radio to the v1.03,

the radio works again,

but within two days, I receive a call when I'm mounted on the bike, with the phone attached to the bike, and I can not end the call, radio is locked on bluetooth-phone, after awhile unlocks alone,

but they become audio cuts, and it ceases to tune radio stations.

-They sound valves, such as the Explorer from a friend, that have changed the engine warranty, due to breakage of valves.

I don't know, if you consider normal these failures, not

I think that after five years of development, as you have advertised in magazines of the sector and the internet, these failures are inamisibles, and what is worse, that a software update does not solve previous failures.

I'm tired of often attend the workshop Triumph, if in warranty, but my time for my voucher very much and my dealer is not in my city, I have to travel to another city, specifically to Vigo in Pontevedra, where trying to solve my problems, but they do not have the solution.


I hope you solve me failures suffered by my trophy, since I'm waiting for that it resolved, to be able to go on vacation with the bike.

Nothing me okay, to get the software, if a few days, flight to have the same problems again.

Until today, I had patience, and I have not given publicity of these bugs in the forums of the internet, Facebook etc; But if you do not solve the problems, I will have to find other ways, such as the courts,

For now, waiting for his response, I return to my trust in the brand Triumph, with hope that in a short space of time, communicate a solution to me and call me the Triumph workshop, to resolve finally and definitively, my problems with my trophy.

Thank you

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Re: I want to send this mail to customer care triumph
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2013, 01:36:55 am »
I have no facebook
I just sent by the Spanish postal service to
Triumph Motorcycles Ltd
Normandy Way
LE10 3BZ

and by mail to triumph Spain

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Re: I want to send this mail to customer care triumph
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2013, 03:01:05 am »
That is the correct address
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Re: I want to send this mail to customer care triumph
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2013, 04:10:51 am »
Hi Miss
Have read your posts and kept nodding my head in agreement. Your posts have helped me.

I also have tried to keep positive and have only posted in frustration. I have little trust in the bike's reliability and it's dangerous shortcomings.

The bike has been at the dealers constantly with little result. They are not the problem. I think they are doing their best with limited assistance from the parent company. I think Triumph are overwhelmed by the many problems and the number of bikes involved. I have some sympathy and have been patient, but, I paid a premium price for the bike, with all the accessories. I also spent about $ 4,000 in helmets, jackets, boots, etc. I want what I paid for, an all systems working, mechanically and electronically safe, as well as reliable, machine.

Within a few days I intend to post all my problems and frustrations if resulting negotiations are not suitable.

I am now in communication with the dealer re fix or otherwise. I await their response. I believe they have, up to this time, behaved in a professional and kindred manner. The dealers are also paying, in time, costs and customer dissatisfaction for the faults the bike has.
Hang in there.