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Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: it's a keeper
« Last post by STJIM on Yesterday at 05:12 pm »
I dropped the foot pegs on my ST1100 by 3/4 of an inch and that really helped.

Don't know if anyone makes lower foot pegs for the TTSE.  Might be looking into.  I'm sure if there is, someone will chime-in.
Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: it's a keeper
« Last post by gonzo68 on Yesterday at 04:35 pm »
stjim, yea I know. I've had a day-long on my 2002bmwr1150rt back in 2003. Yea, it was taller but I could ride a whole tank out without getting off. I also had a laam on my concours-14. It also was a great seat.Laam is a little cheaper and I think his quality has come up a long way from when he first started and depending on who you talk to sometimes russell's quality has  gone a little down. It's a toss up for me. I'll probably go with a Laam over this winter. The vision also fits me like a glove cause I have a 34 inch inseam and the big footboards wiith my long leags suits me great. Thats the only downfall for me on the trophy. I'm a little cramped on leg room which means I have to get off more often  but I still go for it cause there is an untangible quality that draws me to the bike.I could get lowering pegs but I really dont want to go that route unless I have to. A good seat that will help me support my hurt leg I think will do the trick.My leg has gotten as good as it will probably get so I don't have the intese pain like I used to it just gets achy after a while with them underneath me. The difference is the trophy makes feel like i'm on a motorcycle and the vision is so big it feels like a small sports car. But it is a traveling bike.
Triumph Trophy - General Chat / MOVED: Battery for my bike
« Last post by Trophy Moderator on Dec 09, 2023, 07.07 am »
This topic is not related to the latest model of Triumph Trophy,
which this Forum is dedicated to, and has been moved to  :

On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat.

The best place to discuss other Triumph Models.


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Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: it's a keeper
« Last post by STJIM on Dec 09, 2023, 01.59 am »
I almost bought a Vision several years ago - it really "fit" me well.  It's hard for me to find a bike that "fits" me well.
The FJR is a great bike, but a bit too small for me.

I have a Russell Day Long seat on my ST1100 and Trophy and I also had a RDL seat on my Concours which I sold this year.

I have a 31 inch inseam and be advised, the RDL seat is a bit higher than the stock seat.  I added a set of lowering links and raised  the front forks 1/2 inch and that helped a lot.
On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Re: Battery for my bike
« Last post by talljames on Dec 08, 2023, 11.30 pm »
No problem.

Ended up getting one of these.


Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Re: Twisted Trophies Next Adventure 2024
« Last post by gonzo68 on Dec 08, 2023, 03.41 pm »
Yea, that makes total sense. Thats why I recomended Durango as a starting point or meeting spot. Good roads and sights close as you head into Utah. Million dollar highway, Mesa Verde, Four corners, Monument Valley etc.
Normally we have a meeting point because some riders come for a distance with limited time.

That way we can have the whole group at once.

So not all people will ride the same route to meet up.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: cleaning throttle bodies
« Last post by STJIM on Dec 08, 2023, 12.47 pm »
Excellent - Congrats !!
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: cleaning throttle bodies
« Last post by gonzo68 on Dec 08, 2023, 12.35 pm »
Well, it was 60 degrees today so having my bike back together and it being the only clear day that was not raining or spitting snow and the roads dry, I am amazed. I took it out to see what difference the throttle body cleaning did if anything.I am amazed at the difference. The low end snatchiness is gone, the idle is better and smoothness in the acceleration is better especially at low rpm's. The bodies were quite dirty around the butterflys, caked on pretty good and I think it was catching a little at low rpm.  I also lubed the linkage around the butterflies and their shafts, that might of helped also. I had wondered if all that work involved in doing the job was worth it. I can tell you it was! :001:
Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Re: Twisted Trophies Next Adventure 2024
« Last post by gonzo68 on Dec 08, 2023, 12.22 pm »
Woooo, good, cause not knowing everybody, or how they ride, and how they usually like to travel etc, I was thinking, wow, this is not my place to be. But, I have been around the area in Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico from trips in the past that I can help with good roads to go to. Not having a lot of vacation time they were states we could go to and ride and be back in a week.  I never take the straight roads except to get out of my home state.Used to have a guy in the riding group that i was in that rode a Harley and if you let him lead he never took a curvy road even though they were there so you can understand that we did not let him lead hardly at all, even though he wanted to. I'm basically a loner rider nowdays not because I want to be but because almost all my old riding buddies are passed away.My wife rode her own Kawi Vulcan and we took a lot of trips together but because of a couple car accidents(not her fault, both the other people were on cell phones) she has a hard time riding anymore. Like I said, if I can make it, I'd love to. I wish I would have been a member earlier cause we have a friend that lives in Harrison Arkansas. Could have visited them and rode with you guys at the same time. Also have a friend in Missoula Montana if anyone would ever want to go that way.
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