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So I was checking Google for weather in September for southern Utah, and it looks like the temperature average is from a high of 79į to a low of 53įF .

It also says that itís the best time for budget travelers!  So does that mean cheap? Iím guessing it does so Iíll fit in perfectly!

Iím thinking by the time we get this group going, we are to have the majority of Trophy owners, first timers, and all the groups that have been on a get together before I have a amazing get together.

Maybe the second week of September?
I think this was the time frame that Coconut might be able to join us.

I know itís a long way off, but with all of our Trophy owners out there the planning will probably be excellent.

Hint, hint Gonzo. !!! 😆

Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Re: Twisted Trophies Next Adventure 2024
« Last post by Swat on Dec 05, 2023, 08.43 pm »
 :046: Yea Gonzo the Southern Utah Path Finder :062:
*Originally Posted by crabroper [+]
Careful Gonzo, you might become the designated ride/route planner ;-)!

What a great idea 🛵
*Originally Posted by gonzo68 [+]
Well, I'm not a member of the twisted trophy's unless owning a trophy makes me an honorary member, but I've been all through Utah and southern utah is very nice. Also the  middle and northern parts are great. Been on highway 12 from Hanksville to knaab, great road, also highway 50, the lonliest highway, all across utah and nevada. Anyway,no matter where it's decided on for the get together I would love to be able to ride with everybody if it's o.k and i can make it.
Careful Gonzo, you might become the designated ride/route planner ;-)!
Triumph Trophy - General Chat / it's a keeper
« Last post by gonzo68 on Dec 05, 2023, 02.47 pm »
When I bought my 13' trophy se I got it cause the price was right, although it had 50,000 miles, had all the accessories that I wanted (factory top box, tank bag taller std seat, and rg bars. I also have a victory vision. I have always been a sport touring type guy ( concours, fjr, bmw rt, etc) but in 2013 a cager turned left in front of me on my concours-14 and the crash shattered my left leg (titanium sheath and 16 screws). Could not put my leg underneath me to ride without a lot of pain so a friend said you ought to try a victory cause of your legs out in front and no pressure on them. And sure enough, after a test ride I could ride everywhere with out much or zero pain. Hence the Vision. But wanting to try a sport touring bike again, and seeing the trophy se and by sight it all appealed to me so I bought my 13'. Since then it has had a couple teething pains but I love the bike. My vision sits lonely cause when I go to the garage I automatically head to the trophy. Love the feel of the motor, its handling, and wind protection although the vision might be just a slight bit more protection. Had it to colorado for a shakedown run and it did excellent. No bike is perfect but all I need is a good seat, a Laam or Russell to make it as close as it can be. It's a keeper in my book!  I believe the vision is for sale.
Did anybody get the photos of us, pushing Trophiedís bike into the U-Haul.

It was a sad ending for a well ridden Trophy
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear shift lever pivot
« Last post by STJIM on Dec 05, 2023, 01.35 pm »
Thanks for that info Coconut.  BTW, I don't ride my TTSE when there is snow, sand & salt on the road   :002:  It will sit in my storage barn until about the end of March after it starts to warm up a bit here in Michigan.

Yesterday I checked the Hermy's parts list for all years of the TTSE and that seal is shown in the pics.

But even tho I'm the second owner, I don't think they were installed on my bike at the factory, which is kinda interesting.  Maybe Triumph didn't install them for the USA market ??

If I were another TTSE Owner, I'd be more concerned about the dried-up white grease inside the ball & socket than the missing seals.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear shift lever pivot
« Last post by Coconut on Dec 05, 2023, 08.18 am »
My concern is that the seals will add some "drag" while shifting.

I'd be surprised if they did - to any extent that could be felt.  :033:

I have them fitted on mine to help keep any road dirt / grime out of the joint,
( if there is any ! ), especially at this time of year when they spread lots of Rock Salt on the road.

I can't think why the Triumph designers would have included this seal unless there was
the potential for something to go wrong, such as corrosion etc, without them ?

Cheers  :821:

Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Re: Twisted Trophies Next Adventure 2024
« Last post by Swat on Dec 05, 2023, 02.15 am »
Excellent, I was afraid it happened after you took off from that get-together on your longer trip 😀
Sorry. wasn't referring to mine. It was Trophied's on the trip to Arkansas earlier this year. The day I arrived there was the day his engine went south earlier that day.
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