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I believe that Bolt is Triumph Part Number T3202303 - M6 x 28mm.
Item #7 here : Hermys Triumph eStore
You could try taking out the adjacent bolt and carefully trying it.

Sorry to be the nearer of bad news, but I am concerned that your report of "Milky" coloured engine oil,
low coolant level, and higher engine oil level, is a result of the coolant mixing with the engine oil.

Milky engine oil is a classic sign that water has been mixed with engine oil
and one of the most common causes is a leaking cylinder head gasket,
although there could also be other reasons.

My advice would be NOT to run the engine, as this could cause damage
due to the reduced lubrication of contaminated oil, and potentially higher pressure
due to the extra volume of fluid, which could also affect other seals.

The contaminated oil will need to be drained, and flushed out, as will the Coolant,
and the cause of the cross contamination identified and fixed.

You Dealer will be best placed to do this - but have your wallet ready - it's likely to be expensive.  :012:

The area labelled as "Clutch" in your Photo houses the Starter Flywheel and the Starter Sprag Clutch.
( The main engine/gearbox clutch is on the other side of the engine )

Cheers  :821:

I have an oil leak starting from the left side of the lower engine above the starter. Looks like a bolt is missing, possibly causing the gasket to leak. I don't know what the bolt is, type, size length. I couldn't figure it out going through the service manual. So I am seeking help.

Last Oct I went and got new tires, when the service writer was looking over the bike he pointed out I had a bit of oil on the lower part of the engine and asked if I wanted them to look at it. I said no, as I typically do work on my bike over the winter. Fast forward several very cold months later I checked over the bike today for a ride tomorrow starting with air pressure. Then found that the lower part of the engine including the entire oil sump pan is covered in oil and dust mixture. I traced it to this picture, while noting the oil level is higher than I fill it... and looks milky. I haven't drained that yet. I am honestly worried about what I would find.
During this I noted the overfill for the radiator fluid is a dry....  making me work some more.....

After removing the body work, I located what I suspect is the culprit 

The oil is seeping from above the circle for the missing bolt. Going down and back. The starter has a layer. The front of the oil pan has a good amount. None above it. None seeming to come from elsewhere. Which is why I believe this is the source.

What is the bolt type? What is that connected to? Is the part labelled "Clutch?" correct?

All help and advice is welcome.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: Seat modification
« Last post by TriumphTwo on Yesterday at 08:12 pm »
Slideshow standard vs. custom is here:

Ah, now I got you!

Thx Coconut, thx Rick505!!

I did not find that video, donīt know, maybe I used the wrong keywords.
Thank you very much for your help!

Just to clarify, there are FOUR main parts of the Top Box.

The "Base" is in two sections - Inner and Outer, as is the hinged "Lid",
where the Outer of the Lid is painted the same colour as the rest of the painted panels on the bike.

The Power socket is fitted to the Inner Section of the Base.

It CAN be removed without separating the two halves of the Base
if you can find a way of gripping the internal part of the socket,
twisting it and pulling it out - it is only held in place by two tiny plastic tabs
that "click-lock" into the sides of the metal socket, but they can also be quite stubborn !

If it does start to come out, ease off on the pressure so it comes out gently with the wiring still attached,
and doesn't become disconnected leaving you to try and recover the wiring that can fall back down inside !

If you are replacing the Socket then there won't be any worries about causing damage when removing it,
but if you are re-using it, or you cannot pull it out as above, then the only way might be
to push it out from underneath which WILL need the two sections ( Inner and Outer ) to be separated,
as described in the Topic that you have probably already seen, where heat is needed to soften and release
the sealant used to glue the Inner and Outer sections together.

You may also need to get at the underside if you are replacing the socket
with a type that is secured in place with a large nut on the underside of it.

Here's the other Topic referred to :

Top Box separating inner case from outer to fit USB

Cheers  :821:

Thanks for that, yes seen something, but what I found involving heat was separating the two half's, in other words the lid from the base.
I just want to remove the outer shell from the base.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Seat modification
« Last post by TriumphTwo on Yesterday at 03:15 pm »
Hi all,

I got my heated seats modified during winter, and I am quite happy, with what they did to it.
Heights and shapes adjusted for driver and pillion, which now allows the pillion to look over my shoulder. And due to changed geometry changes the angles of the knees and reduces stress to the legs and the step body part. Adjusted compression hardness to the applicable weight of driver and pillion, front of pillionīs seat steepened for lumbar support of driver, extra lumbar support pillow for pillion, backrest padded and covered replicating the design of the seats.
Covered with waterproof nubuck, replicating the original design.

After trying different options with other seats, I have to say, I couldnīt ask for more. Very comfy, because of the setup of the comfort layer, better cooling. The way we are sitting now is much more stress-free, especially with my back being round anyways. Going from long tours like 700km to 1000km per day.

Here they are compared to the standard seats I have as spares:

Besides above mentioned advantages, I do like the fact, that these seats do not alter the overall look of the bike, as I like the design of it very much the way it is.
Cost was 580€ for everything, if somebody wants to know.

Done by https://www.bikepolster.de/#

Kind regards

I'm certain someone will chime in with the link to the message thread but I recall quite a bit of info including photos ont eh subject.  I seem to recall it involved heat to loosen the adhesive used between the two shells.
Hi all,

I believe I did a proper search but could not find any hints on how to separate the outer shell from the lower half of the topbox, like the way one can remove the painted shell from the upper half.
I have to rewire my socket in the tobbox, and dont want to destroy it.
Anybody ever done that and is able to describe "how to"?

Any help would be highly appreciated!


Kind regards
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Tuesday is the only day that is still showing rain and it’s 50%
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