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New Members / Re: New here!
« Last post by coastalisland on Today at 01:27 am »
 :400: Denmate 1960!
*Originally Posted by Division399 [+]
How much oil should fill from the Min mark to the Max mark in the sight glass?

Good question !!  Only the Triumph Trophy god knows for exact pecise answer.

If I needed to know within reason,  this is what I would do:

1.)  On a cold engine,  fill until the oil level is at the "high" mark.
2.) Then remove drian plug and slowly remove oil until the oil level is at the "low" mark.  Replace and tighten the drain plug to the proper torque specifiction.  Friendly suggestion :  You could regulate the flow of oil by using a finger ( your choice ) to control the flow of oil.  Collect the volume of drianed oil in a clean small container.
3.)  Measure the amount of oil drained - that's the answer to your question.
4.) Slowly add some of the oil drained until the level is exactly between the "low"  and "high" level marks.

I may do this in the next few day, just for S&G's and to satisfy my curiosity.   If I do I'll report the result and answer yoiur question. Then I won't have to travel all the way to Britain and seek out the Trophy god to find out.
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Adventure Bike or Mile Muncher or Both
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 08:45 am »
.... Good job !

.... or ANY advertising job at Triumph when they released the Trophy !  :164:  :027:  :138:


Digital, whose native Language is Spanish, may not have understood the question.

I don't think the information you're looking for has ever been posted on the Forum,
so the only way to find out might be, next time you do an oil change,
to fill it S L O W L Y and keep an eye on the sight glass until it hits the lower mark,
then add small measured amounts, allowing time for it to settle, until it's at the correct level.

( Then come back here and let us know !  :169: )

Cheers  :821:

*Originally Posted by digital [+]

Thank you for the reply, Digital. I understand how to interpret the sight glass markings, I was more curious to know how much oil it takes to go from low 3 mark to that ideal 2 mark.
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Adventure Bike or Mile Muncher or Both
« Last post by trophied on Yesterday at 02:36 am »
 On purpose???? :745:  You should have applied for the job at Harley to do the advertising rides for the introduction of the Pan America!
Ride Reports and Touring / Adventure Bike or Mile Muncher or Both
« Last post by swilkins65 on Yesterday at 01:47 am »
Did 13 miles of dirt roads today; some where I wouldn't take my 2-wheel drive truck.  Trophy did fine just needed a bath afterwards.  Never let someone tell you your journey stops where the pavement ends.  I mean don't be an knob and think you can go everywhere that BMW GS is going but give this bike some credit.  This was a nice scenic flat spot and not the stuff that made me work for it.

New Members / Re: New here!
« Last post by HACKLE on Yesterday at 01:15 am »
   :400: denmate1960  :821: :028:
New Members / Re: New here!
« Last post by trophied on Sep 26, 2022, 10.13 pm »
 :400:to the forum.
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