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Actually, I have another picture from earlier that same day that shows an empty parking lot save for a lone Blue Trophy parked further away from the building.  Take that Silver Tongued Devil! :745:
*Originally Posted by 2slowTrophy [+]
The origin of the name!


And you can see the Quick Silver Trophy
Was The first there that day!  LOL 😆
The origin of the name!
New Members / New Member from Maine
« Last post by Conan on Today at 07:37 pm »
New member here....Picked up my 2017 Trophy last week with just 2,300 miles. Going to go over it tomorrow....change fluids etc...Then dream about riding it in the spring.
For those that are unaware, where it all began:

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear shift lever pivot
« Last post by trophied on Today at 04:28 pm »
That's it!!!! :028:  96 pence from them at the moment in good stock.  80 pence without tax.
And coconut with the magic fingers finds things for us again when we refuse to look for ourselves.  I can just see the teacher now. :233:
Indeed, and we don't make too much fun of other brands! :745:  The Twisteds just like to ride and laugh at and with each other! :028:
I want everyone to know that the Twisted Trophies are & have been owners of Trophies and everyone can join us on these amazing trips.
Some times itís just getting there that makes it an adventure.

so everyone can come on these trips

Once Triumph stopped building the Trophy some members found themselves on other bikes and thatís okay we are all waiting for Triumph to come to its right mind.

*Originally Posted by gonzo68 [+]
Well, I'm not a member of the twisted trophy's unless owning a trophy makes me an honorary member, but I've been all through Utah and southern utah is very nice. Also the  middle and northern parts are great. Been on highway 12 from Hanksville to knaab, great road, also highway 50, the lonliest highway, all across utah and nevada. Anyway,no matter where it's decided on for the get together I would love to be able to ride with everybody if it's o.k and i can make it.

If you meet another Twisted Trophy member then youíre in ,
Itís as simple as that.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear shift lever pivot
« Last post by Coconut on Today at 08:56 am »
Quick Reminder :

There is a Parts List available for Download from this Forum Topic :

Spare Parts List

It is in Excel Spreadsheet format, and I try to maintain it - adding details of alternative parts
where they are known, when they become available, or when I hear about them !

The part mentioned for the Gearchange Pushrod Balljoint seals are listed there as :


They are available in the UK from www.motorworks.co.uk,
or "Google" the Part number to see options fro your Country.

Cheers  :821:

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