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There's some campgrounds along the shore between Duluth and the border.  I was thinking in that area. It's in the Superior National Forest.  Suggestions are always welcome.

Hey ST,  I hope things are well with you.  I'll be heading up your way in June.  My plan is to camp up on the North shore of Lake Superior.  It'll be a quick trip and a bit of a scouting trip for a longer stay in the future.

Harrison is a good area.  Make sure you show him the 123.  Remember?  We rode that together.  Enjoy your ride.  I was just chatting with a friend and realized that I've not been to TX on a motorcycle.  I may just have to wander down that way sometime.  Just to see what "Y'all" find so interesting down there.  :169:

I'm good.  I had some health problems and my wife broke her other hip.  Then got COVID.  Rough year and a half.  2Slow will be happy to hear that instead of pulling my Trophy on a trailer, now I'm pulling a trailer with my Trophy.  I load up my camping gear and head out as often as I can.  I would be interested in meeting up again next year if it can be worked out. 

Stay Twisted...

Hey guys...  I got my second shot a month ago and have been on one camping trip already.  I'm heading out on another one in two weeks and another in June.  Be safe.

Most of the time, like the others, it is loosely on the grip.  If I'm not in traffic, I'll rest it on my lap or dangle it to the side by my hip.  I don't trust other drivers not to do something stupid, so I keep the brake covered whenever I'm near other vehicles.

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: IPod 16GB
« on: October 01, 2020, 04:50:02 pm »
Mine just starts playing where it left off when I start the bike.  If I connect it after the bike is running I just need to (M) over to iPod and it it sees it and plays.  One thing I did notice is that there isn't a Play/Pause button on the bike controls.  The display on the iPod changes to read Triumph while it's connected.
*Originally Posted by Trophyed-Up [+]
I bought a 6th gen 16GB ipod recently for my Trophy.  Small form factor.  I have several playlists which I can scroll through and then through songs using bike controls.  The info shows on the bike display.  I think if I wanted I could go through artists/songs.  The ipod cost me $65 on an auction site.

Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / Re: IPod 16GB
« on: September 24, 2020, 11:45:33 pm »
I bought an older iPod Classic 5th gen off of eBay and did a 256gb sd card upgrade to it.  All in, about $100.  Works great with my Trophy.

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