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On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Moving On....
« on: September 24, 2021, 12:57:56 pm »
Hey all.  Just wanted to thank you all for your help and advice these last few years.  It has been a great help and fun meeting and riding with some of you.  I've sold my bike because of personal reasons and will be off two wheels for the foreseeable future.  Division399 now is the owner of this wonderful bike and I know you guys will watch out for him and help him as you did me.  I have a few little things to sell off, so you may see me around a little while longer.

Take care Ya'll, and Happy Trails.

Items Wanted / Wanted: Triumph Trophy Tank Bag - Non functional OK.
« on: July 15, 2019, 02:22:15 am »
 :027:  I'm looking for a Triumph OEM tank bag for the Trophy.  I need the bottom section to be in good shape. I don't care about the upper material or the zipper.  The bag will be remade with new material and zipper.  I don't need any hardware or covers.  Just the bag itself.  I'm willing to pay around $20 plus shipping.

PM me with info...

Trophied...   I don't want your gatorade saturated tank bag.

Modifications and Appearance / How have you modded your Trophy?
« on: May 18, 2019, 07:47:24 pm »
So, I'm curious, what have some other owners done to their Trophies to make them more comfortable, safe and capable?  I've looked over a lot of the mod posts and see some interesting ideas.  But what mods work well and what do most owners do that others don't.  I've put together a short list of the changes I've made to my '17 and would be interested to read what you have done.

To date:
* Added rear sliding mount and OEM top box.
* Added Maplefarkle handlebar RAM ball mount
* Added RAM ball mounts to mirror mounts
* Added RAM X-Grip phone holder
* Routed dedicated USB charger and 1/8" audio cables to the phone mount
* Upgraded stock low seat to a Russell Day-Long and had the pillion covered to match
* Added two white LED flashing lights that face forward from under the headlights for better traffic visibility.
* Swapped the stock shock links for Soupy's adjustable lowering links. Net drop is about 2"
* Lowered fork clamps about 1.25" to maintain geometry with rear suspension drop.
* Installed Soupy's adjustable side stand.
* replaced 12v outlet in glove box with a dual USB outlet.
* Added OEM pannier liner bags.
* Assembled an emergency kit that includes tire plug kit, small compressor, basic toolkit, first aid kit, small fire extinguisher.  This is kept in my left pannier.
* OEM tank bag.
* Added white 3M Retroreflective strips on the rear of the panniers

Future Mods:
* kicker speaker upgrade
* heated clothing port on tank console
* switched high level to low level audio converter for connecting an updated bluetooth module or a cord to my headset.
* crash bars
* aux driving lights
* high viz brake light upgrade
* back rest
* accent paint? maybe

A couple friends and I are attending the show this afternoon.  Anyone else gonna be there?

I ran across this the other day and was wondering if the MY 18 was ever sold.

I suspect not.  I have a 2017 and was under the impression that it was the last year.

We took a very nice three day riding trip to Porter Co., Indiana.  We stayed at Turkey Run State Park and rode through a couple of the bridge tour routes.  It was a great trip and will go back again next year.

Just checking in to see if any Trophy riders are going to be attending the IMS this year.  I'm planning to attend on Friday, Feb. 15th and would be interested in meeting any of you while there.  I'll be with an FJR 1300 owner, but I won't hold that against him.   :169:

I took a long trip this past weekend and experienced the dropout problem.  Sometimes it was so bad, I couldn't use the system without becoming aggravated.  Then I noticed something...  If I lean forward or shift forward in the seat, the dropouts increase.  If I lean back or shift as far back in the seat, all dropouts stop.  It seems that the antenna is highly directional.  So, I wonder if rotating the radio pack forward just 10 degrees would solve the problem.  I'm going to look into doing this.  Anyone else experience this?

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