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On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Quadrant Run
« Last post by GarminDave on Today at 07:33 am »
In the early seventies when Triumph were suffering at the imports from the Land of the Rising Sun, a 4 cylinder Triumph based on the Trident range was being designed. That bike has never done more than 80 miles but on Sunday a mate of mine is attempting to ride it from JoG to LE about 10xs as far!  You can watch his progress or not from his Spot Link: https://new.spotwalla.com/trip/8467-2304b87f-76a4/view?fbclid=IwAR3l2hpA7PsutKa7i_AzNGvBWW6jnNPF511g5i5icBhZHQOPmD6hXnggKyM&fs=e&s=cl
Like trophied said .....

Just to add : Make SURE that the forward "slot" in the panniers
engages with the "puck" - It IS possible to hang the Panniers on the rail,
and miss that engagement.  It is also possible to hang the panniers on only
one of the two hangers so double check all three points before riding off.

Once the Panniers or Top Case are correctly back ON the bike,
to fully lower the handle and lock them in place the key has to be
turned against its spring return pressure to the fully unlocked position,
allowing the handle to be pushed down flat, securing the luggage in place.

You can then either release the key from its spring pressure
which will still allow the handle to be lifted and the pannier
or top case removed, or you can turn the key to the locked
position and remove it, which prevents the handle being lifted
and the pannier or top box removed from the bike.

Cheers  :821:

Key has to be in the unlocked position with the carry handle up, there is a slot on the lower back side in the front of each bag that slides over the puck looking bracket and then they drop down into the top two mounting brackets.  Closing the handle locks them in place and from there they can be left unlocked for easy access to open them, or locked closed completely.  The top case needs to tilt up in the rear and the tabs on the front at the bottom go into slots in the bracket, then lower it into place and lock it down with the handle.  Same lock options available on the top case.  I've been away from my Trophy for a couple of months sooooo, well, let's just say I've slept since then.  I think that's as close as I can come right now.  Do you have the owners manual?  They go back on just the reverse of how they came off.
Did one Labor Day weekend last year!  Couldn't seem to get a lot of people interested, but those of us that went to Robbinsville had a great time!  No one there from the area btw.
Well just a thought, Im new here. I live in the middle of the country. If an event happens to be when I am off work I try to make it. I work 7 days on and 7 days off. And I take the whole 7 days of when I take vacation giving me 21 days off. I work in the oil and gas industry.
I loved the area you are talking about. I think you should plan an event in that area. Maybe not the same as the one they are talking about. I think they want to make it more centrally located so everyone who can make it from where ever. So if I am off I will definitely try to make it. And if I am off I sure would love to have an excuse to return to the your area as well. Some really good riding there for sure!
Have you ever rode the Ozarks? Some great roads there also. I know many most dont.
I have a 2014 triumph trophy se and I took off the side cases and top box to see how it looks/how much weight it drops...

Well, I can't effing get them back on! It seems super simple, I can't find a post, I can't find a YouTube video which means I'm apparently the only person who has had this problem.

Welp, anyone able to help a guy out?
Any chance we can have a "get to gether" in North Carolina USA??
The Tail of the Dragon, Moonshiners 28, the Rattler, the Blue Ridge Parkway, any road in the area?
Just thinking out loud.
Still a   member of the v4bbs and we had a get to gether her outside of Asheville NC and would ride all over on the best roads ever created!
The campground we use to stay at was destroyed in a flood but there are other place to make it work.

Thoughts, opinions????

Just a thought for those in the USA

The Roo
"Thank you sir, may I have another" :087:
New Members / Re: Greetings from Alberta !!
« Last post by bobv07662 on Today at 12:49 am »
 :400: Glad to have you on the forum. Enjoy the Trophy's ability to ride the twisties and the highways!
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: LED headlight bulbs
« Last post by trophied on Yesterday at 09:12 pm »
 :745: Great way to get the road all to yourself!
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