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Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear shift lever pivot
« Last post by STJIM on Today at 02:28 pm »
Looks like it's  BMW PN 23417650149.

Max BMW has them available for $3.32 here in the States.

If I see any corrosion of the ball & socket in the future, then I'll order a set.

The a Max BMW looks a little different than the pic at Motoworks.

Wonder why that is ?
I would use a slight smear of silicon dielectric grease. 

I used that on the air filter gasket surface, too.  And I had a problem with the air filter sliding into the airbox when I did the valve adjust : it just didn't feel right and there is no way to visually check to see if the air filter was properly  sealed after sliding it in the air box.  So I secured the air filter to the holder with some small sheet metal screws before I slipped it in the air box.  Felt a lot more "proper" after I did that.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: cleaning throttle bodies
« Last post by STJIM on Today at 01:59 pm »
*Originally Posted by gonzo68 [+]

SNIP ......

So was it worth it? Well, yes and no. I found that some of my fears was unfounded cause most things were o.k. except from the hose and dirty throttle bodies. Also I no longer fear doing the job.

Nice job.  " So was it worth it ?"   Are you sleeping better at night ?  I would be. 
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New Members / Re: New Member from Maine
« Last post by Coconut on Today at 08:21 am »
Hi Conan and :400: to the Club !

New Members / Re: New Member from Maine
« Last post by coastalisland on Today at 12:23 am »
 :400: to the forum Conan!
New Members / Re: New Member from Maine
« Last post by HACKLE on Yesterday at 11:16 pm »
 :400: Conan. I'm sure you're looking forward to all the enjoyment that your "new" toy will give you.

  As the saying goes. "Sit back and enjoy it". Cheers. :821: :028:
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