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Okay lets get started the ride will start with a group meeting in El Paso Texas on the evening of the March 12th then heading out west to Arizona.

Most of the group will be coming from the east.

Everyone from the east wanted to stay in north west El Paso so I found the Wyndham La Quinta Inn At 7550 Remcon Cir in El Paso, prices are all over the place with hotels.
The Wyndham La Quinta shows prices from as low $64 and through Snap travel as low as $54 other places where around $90
 to $120.
 If no one has a favorite place we could meet here?

Then we would be off to Arizona still a work in progress to see our next rendezvous with other riders and NEW TWISTED TROPHY MEMBERS!!!!!!! :400:
Remember all riders are welcome even if you have left your Trophy in a Snowed in place. :190: or just want to join us in a ride.

At this time the Covid is still out there are we need to make sure that we prepare for any contingencies.
I'm not going to tell anyone what to do I just know what I'm going to do.
Lets be safe and ride to escape Covid.

WE could call this our "Escape Covid Ride" ??   :084:


Ride Reports and Touring / Riding in the Heart Land
« on: July 08, 2021, 02:50:44 am »
Last week on Thursday I needed to get out and ride.

Where to go was the question every place was hot Dallas was running in the mid 90s with the feel like temperature in the low 100s.

 I packed on Friday after watching the weather channel and seeing that the midsection of the country all the way up to South Dakota looks like moderate temperatures and almost no rain the heat wave that had hit the northwest coast Seattle and Portland was rolling into North Dakota and part of South Dakota so I was going to stay out of there.

I had been in Broken Bow  Nebraska a few years back when the eclipse had happened and it was a complete eclipse there, at that time I just stayed  to see the eclipse and rode on to Rapid City South Dakota, an Iron Butt thing.

This time I was going to spend a little more time there.
The ride to Broken Bow was going to be the longest a little over 730 miles.

Saturday morning I left at 5am.
The ride was going well I had to take the interstate highways for about half of the way and, we all know about that.

Once I was on the back roads the ride came alive, almost no traffic.
After that I stayed off the interstate highways if I could.

I got to Broke Bow around 3pm checked into the hotel and went to find a place to eat.
The next day I set out for Scottsbluff Nebraska I wanted to see Scotts Bluff National Monument.
It was around 98 degrees in Scottsbluff and going to find a place to eat in town was a job it was the 4th so more than a few places where closed.
With the heat my Trophy was going to try to overheat but I found a place to eat before any overheating of my Trophy or me.

It was the short day just about 250 miles.
Along the way I would stop at Historical markers.

The back roads have more history than the highways do not all of it good.

The next day I was on to Greensburg Kansas.
What I didn’t know was I would be on a trail used by Western headed wagon trains

Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / 2022 Ride for Twisted Trophies
« on: April 27, 2021, 02:41:54 am »
Okay it looks like the Covid 19 turned into Covid 2020 and then Covid 2021 and I hope not Covid 2022!!

I hope we can look at a Ride in 2022 after all we should we should have gotten the shots or have Dr. Fauci may say it's Okay to travel!!!

I know it's early to think about 2022 but if we don't plan we plan to fail!!

I would like to see us in the spring chasing tornadoes across the Midwest with a lot of Tequila once we get back from Mexico,,,,,,,,,,,, April , May or June.

This is without saying we can travel again after all I want to ride.
In a few days I get my second shot and I hope we can get back to normal soon.

I know we Texans want want to get RIDING again as the most of everyone does and we may have to push to get it done.


Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / Lunch anyone in and around Texas.
« on: January 19, 2021, 12:29:23 am »
I’m ready for a ride and lunch in a few weeks.

Is there anyone else that feels like finding a place with a nice outdoor area so we can be 6 feet apart? 

I want to check the long range forecast to find a good weekend.
Anyone else want to Ride 🏍?  🏆’s

New Members / Spotted Silver Trophy in Wylie TX
« on: January 15, 2021, 08:27:24 pm »
So who is riding around in Wylie TX ???
You have a Givi top box?? Black. 

Time Out - General Chat / Goodbye 2020
« on: December 31, 2020, 03:40:20 am »
All I want for 2021 is people to stay safe & healthy!!
More of the Crap—19 that is trying to make it tuff for everyone.🦠

I don’t want to loose anyone from our family here so please take care. 😷

I’m going to start the year off right with a ride it will be cold around 42 degrees or so here in Dallas but about 60 degrees warmer than north Wisconsin ,
Right Saddle Tramp!! 🥶

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Kickstand and Lean?
« on: November 13, 2020, 02:35:53 am »
I have noticed that my 2014 Trophy I had seemed to be more upright than my 2015 Trophy when on the kickstand.  “Side Stand”

I was sure it was the kickstand was worn out,, it moved about 1”1/2 inches “one and a half inches “ once it was extended.

The new kickstand only moved about half as much but it was negligible It did not seem like the lean angle of the Trophy had changed at all.

I started looking around to see other Trophies and how they leaned.

I don’t really feel comfortable with the kickstand down standing on the pedal and swinging my leg over.

Has anyone else noticed a different lean angle on the older Trophies being more upright?

Okay it’s very short notice,, but we “Twisted Trophies” are going to meet up at

Panera Bread
1000 S 8th St
Waco TX 76706.     At  11am

Twisted Root is closed right now so no original meeting place!

It’s just a reason to ride, so far it’s just a few of us🛵

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