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New Members / Re: Just found this place!
« Last post by Brit Al on Today at 12:10 pm »
  :401: Trillium  :821:
New Members / Re: Just found this place!
« Last post by Verdun95 on Today at 09:26 am »
Welcome aboard  :821:
Coconut can borrow my Trophy.....

That's an amazing offer -  :763:

Sadly it's just not going to happen this year  :110: 

Cheers  :821:

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Electrical Gremlins!
« Last post by GarminDave on Today at 07:42 am »
Thanks for your input. Mine had the screen fail to operate at exactly the place you describe Coconut.

When I eventually get the 100,000 miles on the odometer Iíll have a big (life changing for me) decision to make:

1.  Hang up my helmet
2.  Spend £2,000+ on wiring and big service
3.  Buy a Yamaha GT 9+

Time will tell.
Small kids and 2000 miles

Very serious   :087:  :002:
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Electrical Gremlins!
« Last post by trophied on Yesterday at 11:44 pm »
At my last job the controls department had a big peg type board with large push pin type plugs to install and they would route the different wires around the different pegs to create a wiring harness.  That may be old school, or still used, I don't know, but it would be a workable way to create a new harness from and old one with the extra length needed to eliminate some of the issues.  I've seen a wiring harness for sale on ebay, and well, we know what needs to be changed, we just need a desire (and a bunch of different colored wire).  I've also found some shrink connectors with low temp solder in the middle that can be used to make a solid waterproof electrical connection.  I have a whole kit of different sizes.  Great item.  YES, it is unfortunately made GUESS WHERE? At the moment it looks like my '17 may outlive my riding life!
*Originally Posted by MrFeo [+]
sounds like an awesome trip - enjoy everyone!
Coconut can borrow my Trophy for free thanks to all his institutional knowledge bequeathed to us, he'll just have to drive it across the country from the east coast  :002:

Sadly I'll be out this year regardless of dates but look forward to a future gallivant.

Pics or it didn't happen!

I hope itís nothing serious, keeping you out!
Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Re: Electrical Gremlins!
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 07:51 pm »
If money was no object ( sadly it is ! ) I would completely rewire my Trophy from scratch,
using a specialist to make a complete new Loom, and would NOT use a new Triumph Harness.

Apart from the cost to do that, it would also be very "challenging" to make a replacement harness
due to the multiple ( known ) faults with the wiring diagram that Triumph published in the Service Manual,
which has never been updated, despite Triumph being informed ( by me ) of numerous errors within its pages,
including errors with some of the various wiring diagrams.

Some of the wiring connections deployed within the Triumph harness are little more
( in my humble opinion ) than a "bodge" job - in particular the use of crimp connection(s)
that are buried inside the harness out of sight, resulting in the need to strip the outer insulation
of the harness away to try and find the connection - if there is ever a problem with it.

A good example of this is the crimped connection to a wire / wires that run from the fuse box
under the rear of the fuel tank, and across to the other side of the bike.

Inside the harness under the rear of the Fuel Tank is a crimp connector that ( IIRC ) splits one wire from the Fusebox into four,
for the various power supplies to the Screen Relays etc. which, as has been suffered by a number of members,
can result in screen motor operation failing or becoming erratic - due to corrosion within that connection.  :023:

I can't think of any others off the top of my head, but I wouldn't be surprised to learn of more !

Another problem is cutting corners & penny pinching by not using enough length of wire, so that,
for example around the Steering Head, wires that move with the turning of the handlebars are stressed
and have resulted in wires being pulled out of connectors for the various Handlebar switches.

This may also have contributed to the Ignition Switch Recall - where the wires were incorrectly routed
but may not have been damaged if longer wires had been used.

Cheers :821:

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Electrical Gremlins!
« Last post by GarminDave on Yesterday at 03:17 pm »

my 2016 TTSE recently would not charge and the fault was detected to a drain by one of my accessories.  Removed offending four way hazard flashing LED's (Button Blasts) I used to use when working cycle events for British Cyclings NEG.  We also took the opportunity to tidy up other accessories, Phone Charge Mount and INNOV Dashcam into a neat distribution board Healtech Thunderbox.

All good.

Then earlier this week she would not start.  No fuel pump.  This fault was traced to a break in the wiring at a junction and then in a direction change within the wiring harness, fixed by a new separate wire to the fuel pump.  But my wiring harness is showing signs of its age and water ingrease over time and is therefore a ticking bomb of a fault that may happen!

The considered wisdom is to replace the harness but at £1,500 parts and labour for a 7-year-old bike with 100,000 miles is a tad expensive for me.  It is due a 20,000 service so I am considering changing the harness then as a lot of the mechanics' time removing and replacing plastic is duplicated so I'd probable get a 20,000 service and new harness for about £2,000, at a main dealer.

So my questions are:
1. Anybody else had to replace the wiring harness?
2. Do you think it's worth fixing or just good money after bad?

I know my gut feeling but would be interested in your expert-considered input.
New Members / Re: New Member Intro from Down Under
« Last post by PhilInAthens on Yesterday at 02:51 pm »
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