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Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Ignition coil removal
« Last post by STJIM on Yesterday at 11:25 pm »
Good to hear !!
It turned out really good! Surely those motorcycle headlights must illuminate the road in front of you a lot, but here in my country the legislation is stricter and I would hardly be able to ride with so many auxiliary headlights without being stopped by the Highway Police. But a pair of auxiliary headlights is acceptable here. So, in addition to upgrading the main headlights, I also bought these LED auxiliary headlights in the photo below with 60 Watts each (20 LEDs of 3 Watts each). I hope it greatly improves visibility at night!

That's an involved job for sure.  Just keep in mind that there are limits to how much you can improve your headlights.  I've installed LED bulbs as well which are a big improvement but only so much.

If you are truly interested in throwing a lot of additional light down the road, then you should go with auxiliary lights.

Here is my install of a Denali Electronics system that includes a DialDim Controller, a set of D3 Spots and a set of D3 Fogs.  This system will light up the night.

Hello friends!
I came back a few days after an 8,000km trip with my Trophy SE and it was filthy.
So, I decided to take it apart to do a deep cleaning, in order to reach the parts that are not reached in a traditional wash.
With the bike completely disassembled, I wanted to take advantage and change the 55/60 W halogen lamps for stronger LED ones that would give me better lighting on the road, since the original ones weren't satisfying me.
For that, I read several topics in this forum about the procedure to change them, but I couldn't, maybe because my hands are too big, because I couldn't get enough access, not even removing the battery cover and the battery.
So, I released the lower part of the headlights in order to obtain lateral access for one hand, while with the other hand I tried to install the bulbs, which I even managed, but I was unsuccessful in fixing the tension spring that goes behind the base of each lamp and that holds it in place.
I concluded that I would need to completely remove the body of the headlights to install the lamps on my workbench.
I came back to this forum in order to get some information on how to remove the "front panel/headlamps" assembly from the windshield arms.
Only then, with the help of your posts in this forum, did I manage to discover that if I loosened four clips and removed four pins that fix the windshield hinged arms, I would be able to remove the optical assembly.
So I did and success!
Here are some photos I took after removing the headlights and installing the bulbs.
I haven't finished yet, as I need to assess whether the temperature of the heat dissipation strips will be excessive for the rubber cover and melt it.
If I notice that the tapes are heating the rubber covering too much, maybe I will increase the gap.
We will see...

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Ignition coil removal
« Last post by Grubloon on Yesterday at 06:05 pm »
Problem solved, used a tyre lever to gently lift the coil while pulling at the same time, used a thin wipe of rubber grease around the top part of the coil when I replaced them.

The next bit of fun was removing the plugs, plug socket didn't like being pulled out, had to twist it to remove it, all done now.

Thanks STJIM for your advice, I did take it very carefully. :821:
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Alpine adventure on the Trophy SE
« Last post by Pauli363 on Yesterday at 02:56 pm »
Good to know.  I have an Oxford bike cover, but its yet another thing that has to be brought, so I would rather not.  The TTSE is a beast of a thing right enough, it ain't getting lifted into a van easily.  I'll just do the usual and try and chain it to something solid.  I'll also park as close to reception as possible if not able to get secure parking.
*Originally Posted by Division399 [+]
Hello, all. My Trophy is due it's 20,000 miles service , the Big One.... I have been quoted $1825 + tax for the service (which assumes no adjustment needed). I was prepared for it being expensive but not that expensive.

Does this quote sound typical?

Can't say since I do all my own work.  I did the 20K mile check myself shortly after I bought the bike about a year ago.  It's not that difficult, just takes some time.

Where are you located ?   Maybe you can find a Forum memeber who has done this and that can walk you through the task.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Ignition coil removal
« Last post by STJIM on Yesterday at 02:01 pm »
Mine were tight too when I did my valve adjust and plug replacement.

Just take it easy - try to rotate them back & forth a bit and then pry upward by using a skinny wood stick .

When I re-installed I applied some dielectric grease to the rubber boot that slips over the end of the spark plug.

Good luck - just take it easy.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Ignition coil removal
« Last post by Grubloon on Yesterday at 01:01 pm »
I'm trying to renew the spark plugs but I'm having trouble removing the coils, they are very tight and don't even want to rock back and forth too loosen, I've looked to see if anything in the search engine, but nothing found, my manual just says remove coils, no hints if they are tight to remove, so now getting a bit cheesed off, so any ideas on how too loosen them would be most appreciated, cheers.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Thoughts after ~200 miles
« Last post by wjenkins229 on Yesterday at 07:38 am »
*Originally Posted by STJIM [+]
I don't feel anything through the handlebars with the Grip Buddies ( not Grip Puppies ) I have installed mainly to save the grip rubber of the heated grips.  The larger grip diameter with the Grip Buddies installed also make the grips more comfortable, IMO.  And the Grip Buddies don't seem to affect the grip heaters that much.

I agree with the Grip Buddies, I was looking for something right away after my first few rides, the grips were too narrow for me.  I grew up on Kuryaken Grips on my Goldwing and the narrowness of the stock Triumphs cramped my hands. 

As for the noise, that turbine whine I perceive compared to the hum of my old horizontally opposed Goldwing, I now wear Ear Peace and the bike sounds good, the whine is completely gone and you can hear the engine working instead with a throaty sound.
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