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So many Trophies so little Time!
Thatís true, after all Iím only on my 2nd Trophy too.
 :046: for your new 6's.  I find them to turn very easily, making the Trophy extremely nimble in changing directions compared to other tires I've had.  It almost feels like a different motorcycle.  Too bad our choices in motorcycles of this nature are so limited now, that is unless you find a great late model with very low miles like I did! :821:
Welcome aboard  :821:
Yesterday I went to the Triumph dealership
To get new tires the Michelin GT 6ís
I did ask when I was there I asked about the new Trophy and had it come out yet and one of the sales guy said yes!   :821:

I nearly fell over, Iíve been busy at work. Iíve been riding when I can and I havenít been spending a lot of time here on the forum.
But I thought for sure, one of the Twisted Trophies would have sent me a message letting me know. :005:

So I said, yeah, let me go look at it, so the sales guy walked me over to the new Trophy ,,,,, unfortunately, it had a GS in front of the word trophy. It was one of those. BMWUís.
At that I just hung my head and walked away.
I knew BMW was using the word Trophy so in case Triumph came back out with our beloved Trophy.
I mean, after all, the Trophy couldnít be allowed to exist in the name because it was too much competition for the RT.

So I have the new Michelin GT 6ís on a real Trophy!
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: fuel banjo hose
« Last post by louping77 on Yesterday at 09:20 pm »
Hi thx so much trophied
Have Nice evening  :763:
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: fuel banjo hose
« Last post by trophied on Yesterday at 08:04 pm »
15 Nm with new washers according to the service manual.  New washers are so cheap, why not?
Hi very welcome among us
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / fuel banjo hose
« Last post by louping77 on Yesterday at 05:51 pm »
 Hi guys
 does some one knows what is the tigtht banjo torx
 for the main fuel hose please?
 i have removed de fuel tank, to replace the alternator wiring
 by a new one, and to check the air filter
 thx for feedback

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Trophy 1215se tankbag
« Last post by thetopdog on Yesterday at 05:16 pm »
Many thanks  please send me details show you want payment. :763:
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