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Just replaced my battery.   First the engine fault light came on.   This remained on until the engine was started a few times (expected).   Now, however, the screen won't display the speed of the bike!   While the analog instruments work, I just have the ODO displayed with a few dashes.  Any ideas?

Thanks in advance!


Items for Sale / Corbin Seat with Backrest - local pickup preferred
« on: May 07, 2018, 10:02:10 pm »
Emptying my garage of items I haven't been using....

Corbin seat with oval back backrest.   

Make an offer....

Philadlephia /Metro region


Accessories and Products / Side Bag Guards
« on: March 15, 2018, 09:39:53 am »
Anyone make something for the Trophy similar to this?

Thanks in advance!

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / datatool magnet for reed switch
« on: February 11, 2018, 03:44:51 pm »
Does anyone know of an online source for a replacement magnet for the datatool reed switch which gets fixed below the pillion seat?   I just had my old stock seat converted to include a backrest via Utopia (get work).   I want the magnet placed under both seats if I swap out - Datatool doesn't seam to list the part on their website.

Thanks in advance!


Started to disassemble the panels to install the R&G Crash bars - found grommets missing and can't find the part numbers for the correct replacements.   Specifically, the grommets that secure the side panels and one of the grommets from the battery box cover.    ANy idea part numbers and a source to purchase these in the US?

Thanks in advance!

OK...I admit it....I have some OCD tendencies

I bought the fender extender - and inadvertently put two of the plastic rivets on in the wrong direction.   It makes absolutely no difference in terms of function....but it bothers me

Any idea where to get more of these rivets?

Or medication for OCD?


OK....I'm stumped.

Since USA Accessories has accessories for cheap, I bought the data tool alarm.

I would like to adjust the sensitivity.

I have programed a code into the system
I turn the ignition ON, OFF< on Off, and On within 7 seconds
I wait for the fast flash and then the beeps for the first number - turn off the ignition
I turn on the ignition and wait for the beeps for the second number to complete
I turn off the ignition
I turn on the ignition for the third number
I turn off the ignition
I ton off the ignition for the fourth number
I turn off the ignition...
I hear a loud beep......I turn back on......AND NOW WHAT DO I DO TO ENTER THE MODE TO CHANGE SENSITIVITY?   I'm lost!!!!

Thanks in advance!


Are there any instructions (or can someone instruct me) on how to remove the plastic covering the right front turn signal lens?

As luck would have it, my wife, recovering from surgery, told me "I'm not taking my car out any time soon....why don't you park your car behind mine?"    I, therefore,  parked my car behind hers.  Subsequently,  not remembering, I backed my Trophy backwards, swinging it to the left (as I always do), and hit my car with the back of the motorcycle, denting the car, and loosing balance of the bike.   

The bike came down slowly such that the damage is minimal and entirely cosmetic.   While my leg is really sore, I managed to have cracked the turn signal lens on the right, scratching and gouging  the plastic surrounding the lens, in addition to a scratched the pannier cover, and damaged /scratched the side panel with the associated cooling duct finisher.

I see Coconut posted elsewhere on how to remove the side panel, but can't find anywhere regarding the plastic surrounding the turn signals.

For the record - the driveway is down sloping.    Despite the videos on how to pick up a dropped bike, they are useless on a down slope!   Moreover, I also learned how useless an 18 year old daughter is in regards to offering a father a hand of manual help in lifting the bike.

My solution (which worked fairly well for anyone else who ever ends up in this position):   We have a riding lawn mower.    I attached a cargo strap to the back of the riding mower.    I swung the strap over the seat of the bike and attached the strap way down low.     I slowly inched the mower forward, locking it in place to get the bike partially pivoted off the ground.     I then was able to use my hip and body to pull the bike up the rest of the way.

For the record - My daughter's nails and hair still look perfect.   No grease and no dirt on them at all...... :157: :157: :157:

Thank you in advance!

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