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Well done Verdun95.... good to see there will be enough Gods left on Olympus!

Well just about stripped all my accessories off. Just the Remus Hexacone Carbon slip on to slip off now.

God I had forgotten what a complete faff it is fitting & consequently removing the sat nav cradle! I am so glad to never have to do that again! I was so close to just cutting the cable and saying F*** it!

Still, perseverance won and I even found the bolt hole I had forgotten to populate the last time I had it apart and returned the errant bolt to it! LOL

So My Trophy goes to the BMW dealership Saturday and I collect the new ride next Friday all being well!

Soon as I get a moment I will list all the bits I have taken off and ask for sensible offers in the for sale section.

Well on my Trophy I was averaging 55 mpg imperial, thereabouts. I'm expecting the K 1600 from what I've seen on the test rides to be 45-50 range. Will see.

Its been a pleasure. As I've said this is genuinely the friendliest bunch of online forum folk I have ever had the pleasure to know.

Brilliant people. I really hope the K1600 forum is up to parr!

Oh I'm already like a kid waiting for Christmas! LOL

I know I will lose out on some things. Fuel economy is nowhere near as good as the Trophy and service interval is 6,000 rather than 10,000 miles

But the gadgets are cool and that 6 cylinder engine is pretty sublime and now they've sorted out the transmission with the quick shifter it is slick

Soon as I pick it up I will get some pictures and post them.

I have gone for the K1600 GT Sport in Lupin blue metallic & black. getting a colour matched top box plus ticked all the option boxes, a new navigator VI sat nav plus 5 years service package & 4 years gap insurance all in price touching 26k :005: :005:

Haggled them down to my Trophy plus 18.5k which I think was pretty good!

Stock image attached

I will certainly try to check in from time to time. There are just such great people in this forum, better than any forum I've ever belonged to. I hope the K1600 forum is at least half as good!

Well with Triumphs short sightedness when it comes to a proper touring bike I'm sure I won't be the first or the last.

As I say when fashions change back and people start wanting a proper protected touring bike to go touring on roads rather than getting all cold and wet on exposed Explorer/Adventure bikes then I'm sure Triumph will launch another Trophy and then I may well be back.

Manage to haggle them to an insanely good deal and my husband is getting one too to replace his K1300S so they couldn't believe their luck making a sales for 2 K1600s in one go

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