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I'm pleased to say my Trophy is back up and running well despite not being able to balance the throttle bodies.  Later some time I will change the fork oil, rear suspension bearings and add member 1675's steel bushings there like I did in the front.  Now to find out if those coming from the west have a decision on just where east of Oklahoma City they intend to stay for the night and I will meet them there the night of April 1st (NOT an April Fool's joke).
You can check the map and see if thereís any active riders in the area.

Then send them a PM
 Iím hoping I can get there for a day or two.
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Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Prospective Buyer
« Last post by Oodoom on Yesterday at 05:17 pm »
There are 2 rubber 'feet' on the underside of the seat at the back. If you take them off, the back of the seat sits a couple of cm lower. I found that stopped me sliding towards the tank.
I changed air filter to performance one and I am confused if I need a dyno tune now for the new high performance air filter.

Some people saying I must tune because of higher air flow and bike will run too lean.

Other people saying, rocket has Lambda o2 sensor in it and some people saying that it will auto tune itself like when you go to higher altitude and ecu re tune itself.

I am confused, can someone with more knowledge help me out here?
This is new air filter

I went through rocket factory service manual and found that its supposed to throw code if bike running lean?

After market slip on with o2 sensor fitted on it.

Items for Sale / Re: Trophy ( 2012 > ) HEATED GRIPS KIT ( BRAND NEW )
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 10:31 am »
PM Reply sent.

They have now been sold and it was not my intention to sell outside the UK as the additional
Shipping costs will probably mean it wil be cheaper to by them locally in your own Country.

I may be able to get more from my Dealer if anyone in the UK needs me to.
If you don't need them too quickly, just send me a Private Message and I can go shopping for you !

I CAN still supply the required Fitting Kit comprising "Connector Packs", and also a "Shorting Link"
as explained in this Topic : HEATED GRIPS "Unobtainable" Parts For Sale !

Cheers  :821:

No, Thatís a limitation of the system.

If you can find a cheap iPod that the Audio system is designed for, you can choose Playlists to play, or set the iPod to play in random order.

An alternative is to use the Media player of a Garmin Sat Nav, such as the Zumo XT, which accepts a Micro SD Memory card with MP3 files on it, or research other Sat Nav brands to what Media playing capabilities they have.

Cheers  :821:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Prospective Buyer
« Last post by STJIM on Yesterday at 03:43 am »
Take a look on Cycle Trader for some comparisons.
Audio, Sat Nav, and Intercom / USB drive audio only plays alphabetically.
« Last post by GT-Kid on Yesterday at 12:37 am »
Is there a way that I haven't figured out yet to get songs to play in random order from a USB drive?
Items for Sale / Re: Trophy ( 2012 > ) HEATED GRIPS KIT ( BRAND NEW )
« Last post by dinno246 on Mar 28, 2023, 10.36 pm »
PM sent

Ill take them if they are still available
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