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 :005:  Ouch!
How many KM on the odometer?  might have to check the manual for a maintenance schedule on that.
Items for Sale / Re: Corbin Seat for sale
« Last post by Flux_Capctr on Yesterday at 09:43 pm »
Yep! PM sent!
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear selection problem
« Last post by Maca on Yesterday at 09:14 pm »
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll check that 94mm dim. The gear lever isn't loose, it also only happens when the bike is warming up which made me think is it something to do with the oil. The bike had a service a few months ago and its only recently started happening.

I dont have a workshop manual, if anyone is reading this and happens to have one for sale give me a shout, otherwise I'll ask on the wanted page.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear selection problem
« Last post by digital on Yesterday at 08:52 pm »
As GarminDave says, you should check the famous screw that holds the gear change pedal. It may be breaking.

Also already on the subject, check the push rod that comes out of the gear shift shaft and is hooked to the gear shift pedal. If I remember correctly it should be set to 94mm. You can find that information in the workshop manual.
Brutal cardan breakage when driving at 135 km/h.

Here you can see the state of how the gimbal has been...

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Spotted
« Last post by GarminDave on Yesterday at 04:11 pm »
*Originally Posted by Novocastrian [+]
I've seen more Trophies in France than I have in the country of manufacture (which is where I live) - Fact !

Me too!
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Gear selection problem
« Last post by GarminDave on Yesterday at 03:53 pm »
That is a strange one.  My bike has 91,000 miles and I have had the linkages renewed and greased.  I've also had the gear box modification that is available for this bike but both those were to cure clunky changes.

The other thing may be the fulcrum bolt which gives strange symptoms when it is damaged.

It will be interesting to find out what this is all about.
I had a '13 so this applies mostly to that.

Some had extremely noisy heads. Triumph replaced them at no charge if the owner complained.  Mine had one, and it made a HUGE reduction in noise level.  something to ask about if looking at a '13.
There was a EMU recall to replace them as it was thought radio interference might affect their operation.
There were many firmware upgrades.

There was a firmware upgrade to the radio on many years as it would drain the battery. You can do this yourself.

Some had ( I did ) front brake disks that would warp.  Triumph was not prone to honor the warranty.  You can feel it easily when you brake.

I live up north, and my bike would almost always throw a 'low voltage-radio off' message on cold start.  A bug.
Occasionally if below 50 degrees, the TES would fault if you tried to adjust ride height, after about 10 miles to warm things up, it would operate normally.  Never addressed by Triumph as it would never fault at a dealership.

All these things are discussed on this forum.

All US Trophies are SE models with, as I recall, low driver seats.

Not a perfect machine, has it's quirks as they all do, drove mine 102,000 miles and it was running like a top when I let it go.  Enjoyed every ride.
Good Luck!!!

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Gear selection problem
« Last post by Maca on Yesterday at 12:02 pm »
Over the past few weeks I noticed that sometimes when in 2nd or 3rd the bike doesn't want to change out of gear.  It's like there is no resistance on the lever and it doesn't matter if I pull the clutch in, rev the engine, whatever, it just wont change gear.  The other day I had to pull into a car park in second and mess around trying to change gear until it eventually dropped into first.  But the strange thing is that when I've ridden a while and everything is warm there is no issue, gearbox actually feels very smooth, no clunckiness and doesn't hesitate to change gear.

Anyone seen this before and know why it's only just started happening to me?  Bike is a 2016 SE with approx 17k miles.  Full service history and no damage or drops.
The Trophy is a great Machine.
If you’re going to travel long distance, it will do it without you even realizing it.

What I have found is it almost seems like a waste of time not to at least put 100 miles on it every time you throw your leg over the saddle!
It has been said that blue Trophies are faster than the Silver Trophies.

After owning both, I can truly say that the blue Trophies are faster.  :008:
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