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Hey wadep96 - It's been a while - any Update ?

Did you glean any information from the Phone call to "Radtec" in Stafford
( or from elsewhere ) about suitable alternative Fans, that might be useful
for other Members experiencing similar problems in the future ?

Cheers  :821:

New Members / Re: Hi from a Newbie here in the South of England
« on: May 15, 2021, 07:24:23 pm »
Hi Gonzo, and :400: to the Club !

I have to agree - As Motorbike Forums go, we're a pretty good bunch !  :075:

Cheers  :821:

Items for Sale / Re: Pannier lid covers
« on: May 15, 2021, 06:53:46 am »
I'll take them - PM Sent !

Items for Sale / Re: Luggage for sale
« on: May 14, 2021, 06:46:50 am »
I've heard back from BTB, who sends his apologies.

He has been unable to access the site to progress Sales of these itmes
due to personal matters that he has had to deal with as a priority.

Please bear with him and he will be back in touch when able to do so.

Link to Topic for later DealerTool Software Version,
( If you have their Version 2.5a or later Interface Cable ) with those added features :

DealerTool Software Update Version 6.30a 

It has been suggested a few times that the Camsaft Timing may be out, but the OP advises he has
checked this and is sure it is correct.  Might be worth "Triple" checking it again though !

I don't see that as being a problem -
The Twistgrip % and Throttle %  are not meant to match !

Your engine is not running, your Coolant Temp is 80 Deg. C, and Air Temp is 42 Deg C.

In the Video at around 1'50", my Engine is not running and is COLD  -
with the Coolant Temp at 13 Deg, C, Air Temp at 15 Deg C.

You will see that when I fully open the Twistgrip, the Voltage is Identical to yours at  94.9%,
and my Throttle reading is 35.2% - not wildly different from your 34.4%

The difference is no doubt due to the different Coolant and Air Temperatures,
demanding a slightly higher Target Idle Speed of 1584 RPM compared to your 1028 RPM.

The Reason for the difference in Twistgrip and Throttle Position readings
is due to the "Ride by Wire" technology, where the Throttle openings,
Fuel Injection and Ignition Timing are controlled by the main ECM,
to ensure the correct Fuel / Air mixture is delivered in all conditions.

The video is split into two sections - the first section covers the majority of Sensor values
WITHOUT the engine running, and then moves on to a few more WITH the engine running,
so you can compare all of these with your own values.

Take particular note of the TPS #2 Voltage ( Sensor Values - Page 4 )
with the Engine OFF, and Twistgrip Closed.

Cheers  :821:


Hi again,

As promised, I made a Video, and have uploaded it to YouTube :

You should find all of the Baseline Sensor settings that you need in the video.

Rather than limit it to this Topic, I have also created a New Topic
for any comments pertinent to the Video, rather than your specific problems here :

DealerTool Walkthrough of the Main Features & Functions

Cheers  :821:

The following Video has been produced to help explain some of the main Features & Functions
of the After Market DealerTool Device.

I recorded this with the device connected to my 2016 Triumph Trophy SE,
with a Cold engine, and NO Fault Codes ( DTC's ).

Please note : I am NOT ( and never have been ) a Triumph or DealerTool employee,
and have produced the Video and comments based on my own experiences of using it.

Disclaimer : The Video is posted here to help other Owners appreciate some of what the
device can do, and provide a few reference / base line figures of various Sensor Readings etc,
however the Device should only be used by a competent person, and at their own risk.

Notes :

The Trophy uses a "Ride by Wire" system, where the Throttle Twistgrip is not connected
directly to a set of carburettors,  but comprises a Potentiometer that sends Signals to the
Main ECM ( Engine Control Module ), which uses additional data from numerous other Sensors
including a Barometric Pressure Sensor, Ambient Air Temperature Sensor, Coolant Temperature Sensor,
O2 ( Lambda ) Sensor, MAP Sensor, Crank Position Sensor, Gear Position Sensor, Road Speed Sensor etc, to determine precise engine settings for the Fuel Injection and Ignition Timing.

You can see an effect of this in the video - where, despite applying Full throttle at the Twistgrip,
the ECM does not command the Throttle to fully open.
From rest, with a cold engine, immediately opening to Full Throttle would cause poor engine running,
so the throttle opening is reduced as determined by the ECU taking account all of its Sensor data.

DTC's : The Video states that DTC's can be displayed ( but not reset )
on the Trophy Instrument Panel without needing any other equipment.
This Topic explains how : Servicing Data, Reference Info. & DTC ( Fault ) Codes -
Scroll down to the Reply on March 11, 2015 "Diagnostic Trouble Codes ( DTC's ) / Fault Codes".

Cheers  :821:

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