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My recollection it that I paid him via PayPal. They took care of the exchange rate, etc.

Yesterday afternoon, about 5 miles from home, I stopped to take some nature pix. I had the bike off, but the 4ways on. 20 mins later, I couldn't start my trophy, because the battery was too low. I got the bike trailered home & started on the charger.
I'm picking up a new battery tonight at AutoZone, on my way home from work.
I've got an engine light up in the dash now. I suspect from a low voltage condition.
Hopefully, with the new battery & a DealerTool reset, that goes away...tomorrow....
This Sucks!!!

To this point, I have put everything back together, except that I have not put that inner bracket bolt in.
I have test ridden the bike & the ride & handling is dramatically improved! The ride is smoother to the point that I am going sharp corners a gear higher, because I am riding through them at a steadier pace.
I did give the controller a sturdy test to see how rigid it's mounted to the frame with only the two outer nuts holding it. It certainly seems well attached, without any detectable movement. So, that's not the ideal, but where it's at now.
That Hypro Spring only felt reasonable when riding two up with luggage too. So, I'm glad that's gone...

Removing that inner bolt was a pain too. There is very limited clearance in there. I could initially get a 1/4" racket on it w/ an 8mm socket & loosen it in small bracket strokes. Then, I got two fingers in there to loosen it completely out.
Now, the problem is that I cannot get my fingers in that tight space to get the bolt back into the threads & started. I've tried using a socket u-joint with extensions to get it in there to no avail.
I would imagine that a small right angle power driver might make it, but I don't have access to one.
I'd speculate that triumph assembly connected the rear suspension unit upper mount & the TES controller w/it's bracket to the frame before attaching the seat structure  to the frame. It is very tight in there...

The TES bracket is exactly what I meant.
So far, i have found no way to have enough clearance to reinstall the bracket's inner bolt(the one closest to the suspension unit's) top mount), unless I were, perhaps to remove the gas tank, that's above it!!!!
I am wondering if anyone active on the forum has reinstalled this bracket completely.
So far, I am seriously considering recounting the bracket with only it's two outer fasteners in place..

I'm having trouble just fitting the TES controller mounting bracket back in. The inner of it's 3 bolts is impossible to get back in. It's either I cannot fit the mount back to the frame if I fit the controller to the bracket 1st, or, I cannot fit the controller to it's bracket if I fit the bracket to the frame 1st...
I real Catch22 so far...

Changing my rear suspension unit today. The original one had been upgrade to a stiff HyPro Spring. It's too stiff for me & the dampener is just starting to weep too. Bought a good used unit from a dismantler.
Old one is out. Putting the new one in, now. The inner bolt mounting the controller bracket to the frame is giving me fits! I cannot find a way to get that bolt back in. There is no room to catch it on the threads in the frame
Drinking me nuts!
Anyone have any luck getting this one back in? If so, how?

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PM sent.

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