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"How To's" Technical Guides / Re: Replace tpms battery
« on: July 17, 2021, 07:47:39 pm »
*Originally Posted by Lannis [+]
...and Two, because if I installed a new sensor, I would have to make a 250-mile round trip to the dealer, and spend some unknown amount of money, to get it registered back to the computer on the bike.
Not if you use TigerTool to reprogram the new TPMS sensor into the immobiliser.

That said, I'm an advocate of replacing the batteries and have done so several times in recent years.

*Originally Posted by Peds8045 [+]
I agree with Digital that this is likely due to a Tiger application being used on a Trophy.  :002:
Nope, unrelated. The same commands are used across multiple models.  :002:

*Originally Posted by Peds8045 [+]
I only posted what happened to me so that others will be aware of what may happen.
Certainly worth pointing out for anyone who's never had to bleed the ABS modulator.  :028:

On the bikes that I've tested the bleed process with, the commands used by TigerTool are the same as those used by Triumph's own diagnostic equipment.

For clarification, from the TigerTool V3 instructions...
*Originally Posted by TigerTool
On the most recent ABS systems such as that fitted to the latest Tiger 1200 range, the bleed process consists of three stages - Flush Stage, Bleed Stage 1 & Bleed Stage 2 - and takes around 140s to complete. On other models this can be between 90 & 140s. On older ABS systems the bleed process takes just 7s and may have to be executed several times.

Triumph service manuals for several models going back to approx 2010 contain similar descriptions to that posted by digital above. However, the bleed process performs more like that posted in older service manuals, namely...
*Originally Posted by Triumph
The ABS modulator solenoid valves are energised when the test is confirmed and ended when the bleed system command completes automatically (after approx. 7 seconds).

*Originally Posted by JOK178 [+]
Only issue I have is I cannot scan my ABS codes, it always says cannot connect. Is this common, or just my bike?
That's not uncommon with ABS checks because they don't use the CAN bus so the comms setup is quite slow. Even Triumph's own TriTun diagnostic software does this on occasion. It shouldn't do it every time and should eventually make a connection.

As-per the comments at the top of page 13 in the TigerTool instructions, the comms may timeout if the ABS ECU takes too long to respond. I could take a look at extending the wait period but I'm not sure it would help.

*Originally Posted by marcus905 [+]
Hi T800XC

I tried your tool today but couldn't make it work with a STN1110 based adapter (like the ones in OBDLink devices). While I will try later today with a cheapo ELM327, do you have any idea why? Do you want me to pull any log to see what happens there to maybe fix this?

Thank you again for the software!

-- M
As far as I recall the STN based interfaces are supposed to be ELM327 compliant but it's possible they don't support the commands 100%.

How far did TigerTool get and what error messages were displayed? The most likely failure is with the "AT I" command but I'd need to get myself an OBDLink device to check this.

It's on my 'to-do' list as you're not the first to try TigerTool with one of those. Maybe I'll bump it up my list of things to buy.

In the meantime I'll try to read-up on the STN command set and responses.

You may be able to reset the date manually via the TFT display's menu. As you're also a member over at the Tiger 800/900 forum, it's probably best to ask this question over there.

TigerTool can only currently reset the service interval distance. On the newer bikes, including my 2019 Tiger 1200, the service interval is displayed as both a distance and date. I've been waiting to get access to a 900 to test some other TigerTool features and could do the same with the service date reset.

I know what the reset command is, but I won't release any new software unless I've tested it properly and as yet I've not had time to do this.

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