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New Members / Hello out there!
« on: April 09, 2016, 06:21:33 pm »
Hi, from southern Oregon, I recently purchased a 2013 Trophy SE, I have been riding a 2000 Trophy 1200 for the last year, that I really like, hope the new one is as much fun as this one has been. I have been riding since the early 60's, my first Triumph was a 500 Daytona I rode to high school until I moved up to a Bonneville. The last one, a 1968 model I sold it to back in the early 80's to a local auto mechanic who still owns it.  Looking forward to making some trips on this new Trophy up into Washington and out east to Utah. Looking for a set of driving lights, my brother sold me a set of Hyperlites that I have on the 2000 but would like some thing different on this one, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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