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Well, the day has come. The Trophy is gone to a loving and deserving new parent. I can't begin to thank everyone (Coconut) for making this invaluable resource available to all of us. I tried to contribute my experiences where pertinent, but nothing I ever did is remotely on the same planet of awesomeness as many folks here, especially Coconut.

I still feel like part of the family, so I might stop in from time to time.
So long!

Tyres and Wheels / Turn TPMS off?
« on: January 22, 2021, 08:02:01 pm »
I'm curious...can the DealerTool turn off the TPMS such that the idiot light doesn't come on if I remove my dying TPMS sensors in favor of an easily serviceable aftermarket setup? If no, would a dealer have a way to do this?


Tyres and Wheels / Me888 too hard, no grip? Not so fast...
« on: November 21, 2020, 02:23:21 am »
Hey all...just got back from another 2 day ride in the smokies, which of course always has to include a cruise through Deal's Gap.

ME888 on the back, Metzeler TourTec on the front. This is the hardest, highest mileage combo you can put on a Trophy out of the Metzeler catalog, and I'm pretty sure, in general, the highest mileage combo you'll find  for this bike (there might be an even harder front tire...not sure).

Here's me discovering that I have a ground clearance issue w my driving lights. Never occurred to me that this was even a possible issue until last Friday...and nowhere close to the limits of the tires I might add. The light isn't actually touching in that pic, but I dragged it once, and it folded up a bit, and didn't touch again...just scuffed the cover. The left one dragged twice and the second time it broke the plastic cover. I didn't realize any of that as it happens because they moved on the mounts so didn't add appreciable feedback that I noticed over the pegs dragging, which happens just before the lights.

Love these tires, and REALLY love this bike. I love it more every time I ride it.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Today's garage time...
« on: May 30, 2020, 08:37:04 pm »
Hi all! I haven't been around in a while, but I'm still here :)

This is today's little project. I haven't ridden it yet, but it sure looks cool!

Items for Sale / SOLD RDL seat front and rear, excellent condition SOLD
« on: December 18, 2019, 07:09:30 pm »

Hi all! I am having a new seat done for me really for aesthetics, so this one is up for sale. It's grey vinyl, and is the full front and passenger jobber. The rear has never been used, and the front has some boot scuffs on top but it otherwise in great shape.

I need another seat to build the new one on, so this sale will include the trade of the seat you currently are using. Price is $375 shipped plus your seat (front only). New this setup is over $800 shipped, and if you order it new today, you'll have it sometime in March. I can ship this tomorrow.

EDIT for pics

Hi all! I have a complete aux tank setup, which includes custom quick-release Pelican case roller box as a trunk. I don't know the precise capacity, but I do know that it was constructed specifically to meet IBR fuel cell rules. This cell was run in multiple IBRs and lots of other rallies too. Apart from looking a bit used, it is in excellent condition in every way. It also includes a nifty PVC tube storage unit. I used that to carry spare ear plugs, a first aid kit, rubber gloves to use as liners, tools, and electrical spares.

The Pelican case is divided by a sheet metal hinged and latched divider that is very handy especially if you're rallying. I used this as a drop-down writing shelf, and kept all of my rally papers and other supplies in there, leaving the bottom for general storage. If you look at the picture that shows the silver external handle thingy, that's the quick release latch. Pull that straight up, and the trunk slides off easy peasy. And, when attached it is very solidly on there; no wiggling or play at all.

Also, in case it's not evident, the leading surface is nice and flat, making for an excellent back rest. As you can see, I was strapping a Purple pad to it, and when my butt would need a change of padding I'd just reach behind and pull it out, and sit on it.

The original owner gave me a ridiculous deal on this setup, and I will pass that on to the buyer. New this complete setup would be over $1200. I'll sell it for $500, and I'll help you install it when you ride here to pick it up :) I figure if you're someone who can use such a thing, then riding to Middle TN won't be a big deal. I can't even begin to imagine how I could ship this stuff with any degree of economy, so I'm _really_ hoping that this will be the case (the pick-up/install scenario).

Thanks for reading!

Lighting, Electrical, and Wiring / Brake light trigger point - issue?
« on: September 16, 2019, 09:00:43 pm »
Hi all! So just the other day I noticed a troublesome issue: neither my front nor rear brake trigger the brake light until well after I am actually applying the brakes. It's as if the triggering part of the levers are out of adjustment with the switches, but I see no way to adjust the front (and that's the brake I use roughly 100% of the time, give or take 0%.

Has anyone else noticed this? Were you able to mitigate it?

The OEM ones are $3 ea at my local dealer. Or, from Amazon I can get 20 at a time (how many times will I need that lol) for $10. I choose Amazon.


Note that they are thinner than OEM, but they work fine. The one on my bike has about 2500 leak-free miles on it.

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