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TigerTool V3.1 is now released for the Trophy.  :152:

As some of you may have seen Here, I've recently ported my free TigerTool diagnostic software over for use on the Trophy, following the testing success by forum members mtowngoldie & Coconut.

Subject to the disclaimer below, the TigerTool software fully supports the Tiger 800, 900, Sport, Explorer/1200 & now Trophy models. It can also be tested with other Triumph models, including twins via special command-line switches, but support for some models may be limited and not all features will be available. Details on how to try TigerTool with other models are included in the instruction document.

V3.1 includes features to allow the user to do the following:-

Reset the service interval and clear the 'service due' wrench symbol from the instruments
Configure ABS / TPMS menu items & default distance units for the instruments
Read & clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL)
Read & clear ABS DTCs
Bleed ABS brake modulator
Check throttle body balance
Read, enable/disable & program TPMS sensors
Erase Immobiliser/TPMS DTCs and monitor live TPMS data
Read VIN, ECU serial & engine map reference codes

These instructions and the attached software are provided as-is and without warranty of any sort.

The software is provided free of charge for non-commercial use. It allows the user limited access to the ECU on Triumph Tiger 800, 900, Sport, Explorer/1200 & Trophy models ONLY, and can be used to perform various functions as part of a regular maintenance and/or servicing schedule.

Using this software, and the consequences therein, remains the sole responsibility of the user. Neither the author nor anyone associated with the officially supported forums will be held liable for any subsequent costs, losses or damages as a result of downloading, installing or using this software.

The software MUST NOT be copied to other websites, internet forums, social media sites etc without the express written authority of the original author. Software support and new releases will only be provided by the author via the forums at,, and

All reasonable steps have been taken to ensure the accuracy of the instructions and suitability of the software, but be aware that editing or modifying your bike's ECU may cause undesirable effects and/or invalidate your warranty. The software has been scanned at VirusTotal prior to release.

OBD Interface
As with all previous versions of TigerTool, accessing ECU data can be achieved using the ISO9141-2 and ISO15765-4 (aka CAN bus) protocols. This software is intended to work with most USB & Bluetooth ELM327-based OBD2 interfaces, including clones. There are a number of ELM327-based interfaces around that don't work with TigerTool because they contain very poor quality components and/or firmware and don't support some the of the basic ELM327 commands that are needed, in particular 'AT D'. Some of the USB interfaces have the FTDI USB-to-serial chipsets which seem to work well under any version of Windows, as FTDI are usually on-the-ball with releasing drivers. Unfortunately FTDI released driver updates a few back that bricked many of the clone chips that were being used in cheap OBD2 interfaces so it can be a case of buyer beware. There are also many interfaces that use different serial chipsets, e.g. the PL2303 interface from Prolific Tech, and most of these have been tested. The key is to ensure that you have the latest drivers for the device that you're using to support the version of Windows that your PC is running.

This software WILL NOT work with the VAG/KKL leads such as those from Lonelec that are used with TuneECU.
This version supports ELM327 OBD2 interfaces that are V1.n or V2.n.

I'm no software engineer so the file size for this application is much larger than it could be. However, when I do write software I try to make it robust & fit for purpose, and spend a lot of time looking for bugs and trying to break it. TigerTool is a standalone Windows application (on versions XP to 10) that needs no installation process and no additional files to run. You can manually add a shortcut to your desktop to make access easier if you like. This will also be required if you plan to try using TigerTool with other Triumph models. This latest version has been tested on a range of Tiger (and other) models by myself and several Beta testers.

Download the zip file attachment at the bottom of this post then save & extract the single executable 'TigerTool.exe' file from within the zip to a suitable folder on your PC, e.g. C:\TigerTool.

The latest 28-page instruction manual (PDF) is also attached below as a zip file. This file contains some important information so you MUST download and read it thoroughly before using the software. Note - this has not been updated from V3.0 to V3.1 because the only difference is the added support for the Trophy.

If you have any questions or problems then just ask in this topic, in the meantime below are some sample TigerTool screen images taken from V3.0...





Back in 2014 I wrote a simple Windows program to reset the service interval on the Tiger 800 and released it for free over at the Tiger 800 forum ( for any member to download.

Since then there have been several updates to add new requested features and support other models (new generation 800s and Explorer / Tiger 1200 & Sport variants) with the most recent version (3.0) being released 6 weeks ago. In its various guises TigerTool has been downloaded and used 1000s of times across the supported forums and is still free.

Earlier today forum member mtowngoldie posted on here about his success with using TigerTool on his 2017 Trophy SE. Earlier versions of TigerTool only worked with a limited range of models but with V3.0 I added a new feature to allow it to be easily tested on other models. It was this feature that mtowngoldie used to get it to work on his Trophy and you can read how he managed it here...,10578.msg121272.html#msg121272

You can read more about the latest version of TigerTool in the 'How-To' sections of the Tiger 800 & Explorer forums HERE and HERE. Unless you're a member of those forums you won't be able to download the files from these links.

If any members of this forum want to try TigerTool without having to register at those above I'll post a copy in a new topic on here similar to those linked above. I'd need to ask Admin to temporarily remove the file upload limits on my account to be able to do this, but in the meantime I can always send you a DropBox link to download the files from if you PM me.

Another of the new features in V3.0 is the ability to enable/disable the TPMS system on the bike (not just in the instrument menu) and to reprogram the TPMS sensor IDs into the immobiliser. Contrary to the belief in certain quarters, this is surprisingly easy to achieve and should work on any Triumph that uses their standard immobiliser for the TPMS comms (which is a very big list!). Sadly my Tiger 1200XRT with its keyless ignition doesn't use the same immobiliser and so the TPMs is handled by the Chassis ECU which I've yet to crack access into. I have the codes but haven't figured out the algorithm. As far as I'm aware, and I'm happy to be corrected, the Trophy uses the standard Triumph immobiliser for the TPMS comms rather than a Chassis ECU, so the TPMS feature of TigerTool 'should' work on the Trophy.

Finally, TigerTool is very safe to use and doesn't access any forbidden or locked areas of the bike's ECU.

New Members / Hi from the (currently not-so-sunny) English Riviera
« on: August 28, 2020, 08:29:43 pm »
Having lurked around here a few times over the years, and prompted mainly by forum member mtowngoldie's recent exploits with my TigerTool diagnostic software, I've just decided to join in order to answer questions from any members who decide to use TigerTool.

I've owned Triumph triples (all Tigers) for 22 years and have been a member over at the Tiger 800 & Explorer sister forums since 2011.


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