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Surprised we don't have a suspension subform and wondered what owners have done for upgrades/changes.Got my new to me 26K SE out for a good run yesterday and feel it will need heavier springs front and rear for my 200lbs...Bike responds well to input but the roads I was riding weren't particularly challenging,although I plan on using this as mostly a sporty,sport touring,80% twisties to slab,I believe it should be more comfortable that it is with a more forgiving initial C/R for road imperfections then stiffen up for quicker flicking...How does having electronic control affect options, if at all?

I don't run with top box unless touring or on a trip and need a rubber cover for the plate,anyone have a spare for sale?

I don't run with top box unless touring or on a trip and need a rubber cover for the plate,anyone have a spare for sale?

What's the difference between the two? In construction and feel? Is the heated version the same as the comfort without the heat element?

Items Wanted / Looking for Comfort Rider Seat(US)....
« on: April 04, 2021, 04:34:04 am »
Looking for Comfort Rider seat in the US,

Looks like I found a good deal on a 2014 SE but it needs the 20k service,at least the 10K was done.I got a quote from a local dealer of $1500....That seems steep but fair considering 2-3 hrs of that could be fairing removal/install,valves,FI,ECU and fluids...I would pay normally do all my own work but since I would want to get all recalls done which I believe  none have,I figured I would bite the bullet for the 20K for peace of mind and do the 40K myself...
No guesses,just looking for actual invoice prices from dealerships...

Looking for a 2015 SE or later but if I find an earlier MO can the CC switches be swapped? Curious if the wiring is the same.Assuming it is.,6750.msg82507.html#msg82507

Bikes for Sale / WTB Blue SE
« on: March 16, 2021, 02:19:25 am »
Looking for Pacific Blue,later model SE(15-17) in the north east,perfect to good condition,top box,heated seat,service records,etc all pluses...
Will consider earlier years/colors/condition/location for the right price...CASH BUYER!

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