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Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Had a brief loss of sanity
« on: April 14, 2021, 02:25:16 am »
My sanity must be returning, because today I got up early & went out to the shop, finishing my Spring maintenance on the Trophy.
I lubed the sidestand, shift linkage & brake lever pivots and bleed out the brakes.
That finishes up the pre-season stuff for this year.
The only thing left us getting 2nd gear replaced & the shift drum & forks updated. That's scheduled for June, while I'm on vacation.
So, I'll be sticking with this multi-talented Triumph for the foreseeable future.....

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Had a brief loss of sanity
« on: April 10, 2021, 09:04:55 pm »
I was just out for an afternoon 150mile stroll on the trophy. It is the least fatiguing motorcycle that I have ever had, & I've had Yamaha Ventures & a beemer k1200lt for comparisons! This bike has so many competencies, I'd be at a loss to begin.

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Had a brief loss of sanity
« on: April 10, 2021, 12:11:01 am »
Being a retired mechanical engineering manager & a vehicle "nut", I really appreciate sophisticated vehicle engineering & dynamics.
So, I've had a few technically "interesting" vehicles(Porsches, BMW's, Saab turbos, Ford SHO's, etc), as well as tons of different motorcycles(a few being Triumphs).
I have had two BMW's &, after each, I said to myself, "NEVER another Beemer"! They are wonderful machine, but way too expensive to maintain(in time & money).
My last bike before the SE was a beemer k1200lt. What a maintenance hog!
But, they do run so sweet..
Anyway, in surfing craigslist motorcycle listings, I cam across a 2010 k1300gt, that needed a little attention, for $5k.
My mind immediately went into how I could handle the work that bike needed & have a "super smooth" beemer sport tourer for easy money.
What ludicrousie!
Yes the engine is 20% more powerful than the SE, & it does have a lower C of G. Oh, yes that engine is so smooth..
But, it does not handle or have the steering feel of the SE.
I even checked out major used parts & piece prices on Ebay. They're only about 4 time more pricey for the beemer.
& NO sound/audio system.
So, my little sanity excursion brought me right back to the  Joy's & satisfactions that my dear SE(Marilyn) continues to brink me, hopefully, for years to come. Especially, when I get that slipping 2nd fixed in June!

New Members / Re: New 2017 here in New Jersey
« on: March 26, 2021, 09:19:15 pm »
I'm glad to hear of another trophy se here in NJ!
I'm down in Cedarbrook, about 50 miles from you.
Welcome! You'll even enjoy the trophy more as time passes!

To close my issue out, my fuel gauge began showing fuel level within a half mile of beginning my ride today. It fully read the correct level by the time I had ridden about 2 miles.
So, after idling the bike in my garage over the last two months, the fuel level indication stopped functioning, but was fully restored within two miles of riding. Quite interesting!

Thanks Coconut!
I'm less obsessed now.

It's 42F today, quite sunny & it's going to be in the 60's later this week. So, I'm planning on a ride over to Atlantic City then.
Today, I went out back & put away the snow thrower & moved the lawn mower & rototiller into accessible position.
I went into my shop & started the Trophy, as I've been doing every couple of weeks, after disconnecting the trickle charger. It started just fine & I left it idling a couple of minutes.
When I came back, I noticed the fuel gauge not registering, but no low fuel light. I filled the bike up two months ago, at last use. I shut it down & went in the house to ponder...
Inside, I searched the forum & service manual for guidance.
Then, I went back out with my laptop to read any codes off DealerTool. None.
I also took note that DealerTool couldn't communicate to run an "instrument panel" test. Does DealerTool typically support this test on the Trophy SE?
So, I have, on a stationary bike, no fuel gauge indication & no low fuel indication, with an almost full tank, & no codes. I do not believe that the battery has gone low at any point either.
Over the last two months, each of the previous times that I've started & run the bike, stationary, the fuel gauge has been indicating properly. I've been running the bike about 5-10mins each time.
So, let me resurrect this thread...
Is this something that will just resume functioning when I get riding it down the road a bit?
Or, is it time to break out the multimeter tomorrow, when it's a bit warmer out.

Accessories and Products / Re: Crash Bars
« on: February 21, 2021, 12:20:23 pm »
My SE has the R&G bars the previous owner installed. I've found them very protective in the low speed tip over that I've had from forgetful usage of the front brake while turning at low speed.
What I also learned, in that misfortune, was that the pannier covers were very vulnerable in a tip over.
So, subsequently, I've installed a set of tralex's rear bars & am much more particular about my low speed turns & stops.
BTW: tralex's bars seem to be even sturdier & better built than the more expensive R&G's.

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