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I'm about to do my 1st oil change on my '13 SE.

I am trying to identify & select a commonly available oil filter to use.
Ex: on my BMW K1200LT, I used a bosch 3320 filter, that I'd buy at Pep Boys for $7.
So, I'm interested in finding what the good, commonly available oil filters are for the 1215 triple....

What have you found, & are using?

I was wondering if I could aux cord my Uniden R1 radar detector audio out into the radio, like you can with a garmin zumo?
That would give me a detector audio, into my helmet cardo, like gps would.
I'm not yet running a garmin on my se, & looking for a detctor audo feed.

As a new owner of a used(2013) trophy se, I'm trying to find out if there is a preemptive rerouting of the ignition switch wires to avoid it's failure.
I've read that this is a failure that can happen over time, as the wires are strained when the bars are turned to full lock, time & time again.
So, is there a reroute for these wires to relieve their stress?

Modifications and Appearance / How to lower passenger pegs?
« on: February 04, 2019, 02:42:21 pm »
Anyone do this? SO's long legs get cramped.

New Members / It's been 44yrs since I had a Triumph....
« on: February 02, 2019, 06:06:02 am »
Since then, I've had many bikes but no Triumphs. Mostly late 70's Jap bikes, but a BMW K1200LT of late.

However, I bought a well maintained '13 SE from another forum member.

My last Triumph was a '74 Trident(T150RV), & I really loved that bike. I had a pair of upswept bates cocktail shakers on it. What wonderful sounds.... It just got totaled too soon. I had a '66 Bonneville before that, that I worked over. It was fast, but way too unsophisticated.

Bought the SE because, at 67, the LT is getting a little cumbersome 2up, & it's maintenance is more specialized, complex & demanding than any other motorcycle I've seen. It's relentless(& wearing).

So, the SE, with it's 6spd, later technology, 150lbs less weight & amazing triple, is my new love.

I do all my own maintenance/repair. I've already bought a DealerTool & the service manual.

I'm certain that I'll need more than a little help & guidance from the collective wisdom here. So far, I've been thrilled with the knowledge that I've gleened here already.

I'm looking forward to many adventures on the Trophy & sharing them here...

As a new Trophy SE (2013)owner, I am trying to determine the best software/interface to get for condition monitoring/diagnosis/maintenance/repair purposes.

I do all my own maintenance & repair.

When I bought a 10yr old Audi A6 quattro, I also picked up a laptop & loaded it with VW/Audi interface software & their maintenance/repair manual.

When I bought a 15yr old BMW K1200lt, I immediately got hard & software copies of maintenance/repair manuals, as well as the gs911 interface.

I've already bought a hard copy of the Triumph service manual & will, probably, back it up with a disc version.

So, I'd like to find out what this forum's collective guidance on the best monitoring/diagnostic software/interface to get for the Trophy(Tunecu, dealer tool, ect. &, if appropriate, which "dongle" to get, ect.)?

Modifications and Appearance / Rider backrest, any options?
« on: January 23, 2019, 04:54:32 pm »
Highway pegs are taken care of...
Now, if I can find a rider lower backrest, I'll be in heaven!
Anyone already solve this consideration?

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