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Recently, after going out for a ride with my SO, I forgot to reset the bike back to my profile 1(my single rider set up). The next day, I went for a spirited ride alone, & found the ride smoother & more comfortable for me.
Now, the bike's PO had the rear suspension upgraded with a hyperpro spring, previously, which is much stiffer than OEM. So, in profile1, I had set up normal dampening & rider only preload. Profile2 differs only in the preload. That one is rider+luggage.
Previously, I noted that the bike always rode better with Miss Isabelle on & set to profile2.
Whenever I ride, I always have the side bags on.
On profile 1, alone, I attributed the ride harshness to the stiff hyperpro rear spring. Now, I'm thinking it was just too little preload & that since I always ride with the side bags on, I was just about bottomed out all the time, such that any significant bump would pretty much use up the rear suspension travel. It just surprises me that, after 8 months, I'm still sorting/refining this bike!
On the rider+luggage preload & normal dampening settings, my ride is now quite smooth, whether I'm alone or with 125lbs. Miss Isabelle.
I think the hyperpro rear spring's rate is stiff enough that no more preload needs to be added when she comes along.
Also, when she's onboard, my riding is "less spirited". So, I'm using up less suspension travel with her.
PS: I got a rear "comfort" seat for her. She thinks the world of it. When I ride alone, I use the original pillion seat with my utopia backrest installed.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Magnetic sump plug
« on: September 19, 2019, 09:49:12 pm »
Anyone go to a magnetic crankcase drain plug?
I see that the final drive plug is magnetic, but not the engine sump.
I am considering buying a final drive plug for my engine sump. Anyone else put in a magnetic crankcase drain plug?
I've had them in all my vehicles over the last 15-20yrs.

Lately, I've noticed an unusual anomaly on my bike.
When I start up the bike, after a good ride, when it's been set on the sidestand for a bit, but still hot, the timing chain will clatter for a good while(up to 20 sec.). Then, as oil pressure works the tensioner out(?), everything quiets down to normal.
The bike does not do this on cold starts, first thing. However, whenever I lay the bike up in the garage, I always put it on the centerstand.
My 2013 SE has over 60k miles on it & had the head recall done early in it's life.
It's interesting, to me, that the cam chain tensioner & guides are only loose on hot restarts, after the bike has been on the sidestand for a while.
I'm using Castrol 4T full synthetic 10W50 oil.
Any ideas what's going on?

Items Wanted / Original antenna mast.
« on: July 29, 2019, 10:36:53 pm »
My antenna mast is very "wobblely right near it's base, & is about to break/come apart there. I bought a 16" universal replacement thread on mast. It did the same thing, in short order.
So, I'm trying to get a good used replacement. Triumph wasts way too much for a replacement. So, maybe someone has one laying around, that I could buy, reasonably...

I already have the big triumph tankbag.
However, I am looking for a convenient tankbag for day-to-day stuff that I want to have handy(cellphone, pen, multitool, coins, etc.).
I've seen a handlebar bag that's way too expensive.
So far, the cortech low profile 5-10l bag looks the closest to what I want, but still may be a bit big for my use. Maybe not...
Any good suggestions/experience....?

For some unknown reason, my 2013 Trophy SE's radio antenna is breaking at it's base.
Hermys shows a replacement for about $100.
I have found none listed on Ebay.
Has anyone found a reasonably priced replacement for the SE's radio antenna mast?
I want to get one before mine breaks off. I enjoy listening to the local classical station whenever I ride...

Modifications and Appearance / 2012 footpeg bracket paint
« on: April 19, 2019, 09:44:08 am »
I recently got a 2013 lunar silver SE. The rider footpeg brackets could use some "touching up". So, I'm looking for a matching aerosol paint to refinish them. The color does not look like a straight matte black to me.
Any guidance on the right paint to use?

Bikes for Sale / 2000 BMW K1200LT $3300 Sicklerville, NJ
« on: March 24, 2019, 02:28:53 am »
SOLD The ultimate 2up sport tourer. 49k miles. Loaded w/upgrades. New Bridgestone BT-020 & T31 GT's.
Heated RDL seat. Pass footboards, etc. ABS, reverse. 2 windshields. Am/fm stereo. Trunk rack w/ aux brake light. Excellent shape, ready to roll. Metallic gray.
Just too old for 2up touring anymore. Replaced with a Trophy SE. $3300. Located in Sicklerville, NJ.

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