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Title: Alarm options.
Post by: earthman on February 11, 2016, 11:21:05 pm
I'm not really a fan of vehicle alarms in general but for years now I have fitted/used a basic one such as an Acumen, something that I could just arm when I felt the need to, possibly scare off a youth from tampering with the bike in general or if it got knocked off it's stand by a car driver etc, I may just be within ear shot so could go running.

Apart from the Triumph one being very expensive I gather that some don't like it due to the automatic arming, I agree, that's something that I don't want either.

I've been looking at the alarms on the site below and the fact that they can supply a loom made up for the Triumph, a plug & go solution.  :002: So far, I gather that the NC5 V2 models do not have the auto arming feature for one,....they mention an anti hijack feature which will kill the engine but what if that button on the remote is accidentally pressed whilst in your pocket/ignition key whilst you are riding the bike? Or maybe you have to press two buttons on the remote at least??

Anyone have any experience with these alarms in general? Are they too cheap/too good to be true?? (

Title: Re: Alarm options.
Post by: Volfy on February 12, 2016, 02:03:17 pm
The Spy5000 is sold at a lot of places.  I have bought and installed in other bikes and it works quite well.  The not-so-subtly-implied 5000m (5km) paging range is overly optimistic by about 4750m.  :008:  Still, the range is good enough for, say, at the office or at a motel, where I'm close enough to respond.  Realistically, what da heck can you do about it if you are 5km away from you bike anyway?

That pigtail looks like a great time saver.  Not absolutely necessary, but will make the install easier if you are not comfortable splicing and soldering.  I used to make some good money doing car audio and alarm install long time ago, and we always laugh at "factory alarm" as being an oxymoron.  As for aftermarket alarms go, the easier it is to install, the easier it is to "uninstall".  :007:  All depends on the level of security you expect out of the system.  Nothing is ever completely useless - even factory alarms.  Every bit of deterrent keep your property that little bit better protected.  If it makes the bad guy choose an easier target instead, or spook away the mischievous kid, the system has done its job.  The real pros will take your bike, if they really want it, regardless.
Title: Re: Alarm options.
Post by: earthman on February 12, 2016, 05:01:57 pm
Yes, I agree, I treat an alarm as a little something extra, like you say, to spook a yob etc,....I always use a chain or D lock, that's my main form of security.