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On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Wet Bottom Advice Anyone !?
« on: September 29, 2013, 11:54:26 pm »
Hello - I'm an avid sport tour rider who has a 2013 TTSE. I've noticed on all the days that were rainy, my bottom became wet! Yuck. I ride avidly throughout the year and have owned: 2008 Kawasaki Concours, 2004 BMW K1200GT, 2004 BMW 1200CLC, just to name a few and the TTSE has left me with a wet bottom everytime, for the first time! Can anyone here recommend any gear, seats or advice and who has been having this issue?

I have to blame it on the TTSE seat, although comfy has a "shammy" like material that holds the water and I think it's soaking through my pants. I've tried all three brands of my Goretex pants: Olympia, First Gear and Tour Master. Again, I never had this problem with wet bottom.... FYI - I'm not 90 years old and I don't get that excited riding my bike and I do not have bladder a problem LOL....   Any thoughts? Thanks...

Hello has anyone had this problem with the SE. In the past 1 week my bike shut down on me without warning. Twice now I would drive normally as I do and without warning the engine shuts off with the electronics still on (dash information center). After the bike's engine shuts down/off, I had to drift to the side of the road alongside moving traffic (one time at 35-40 mph) and (another time at 45-55 mph) with traffic behind me. I'm thankful this did not happen while pulling onto a major freeway. Once I turned the kill switch to the off position and turned the key off, waited for about 5 minutes and the cycle fired right up. When I called the dealer last Wednesday they immediately told me to bring it to service on Thursday. I called today and there was no response because nobody from Triumph factory has called them back. I hope this is not a curse of the very early VIN, as the tank, shift lever and now this seems to plague me. The recalls have taken 8 weeks out of my riding. Has anyone here encountered the engine shut down failure?

New Members / Greetings From Pittsburgh, PA !
« on: August 02, 2013, 12:56:03 am »
Hello All,

I sure hope your enjoying the 2013 Trophy! I purchased mine back in August 2012 and it came in January 2013. Enjoy the ride and always remember to "Go Your Own Way...."  -- Dan

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