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New Members / MOVED: 2014 Trophy Does not start
« on: August 17, 2021, 09:38:41 am »

Items for Sale / MOVED: DIY Tire Changing
« on: January 01, 2021, 10:30:31 am »

Trophy crash bars and racks by Tralex / Welcome to Tralex as a forum vendor
« on: November 10, 2020, 02:20:54 pm »
We are pleased to announce that the member Tralex has joined us as a new "Forum Vendor".

He will be on-site soon to discuss his products for the Trophy and to answer your questions and queries.

Some of his existing posts have already been moved into this section.

Please give him your support  !


Forum Announcements / Scam doing the rounds, be aware
« on: September 05, 2020, 12:02:11 pm »
Members using the "Wanted" section of the Marketplace should be aware of this scam doing the rounds within all sorts of forums on the web in the past few months.

(Note:  We've not aware that this has happened here btw !)

Details of scam

1. You post in the "Wanted" section that you are looking to buy an item, could be anything.
2. You receive a personal message from a member saying that they know of someone else who is selling that item and suggests you contact then. A name and email address is provided.
3. Basically you then drop this person an email and yes they are selling such an item (lucky you...). A price is agreed and you are asked to pay for it via PayPal friends and family or more likely an anonymous payment method like 'cashapp'.
4. Of course you never receive the item in the post and you have little recourse via the payment provider.

This all sounds pretty obvious but the difference is that the member refers you to someone else who is external to the forum. No doubt one of the same of course.

Note that the forum member who makes contact usually has few posts, and those posts tend to be vague. They send pm's to multiple members posting in the "Wanted" section.


1. If you get responses to your "Wanted" post then check out the member(s) who respond. Have they been a member a long time ? Do they have a decent number of posts ? You can check out each by clicking on their username.
2. Treat referrals to third parties as very suspicious.
3. We advise that you do not use PayPal friends and family as you have no recourse if it goes belly up. Any anonymous payment methods are asking for trouble.

Important - help others

Please report suspicious personal messages using the link in the bottom right hand corner of each received message.

Most enquiries are absolutely genuine btw, however like all online transactions just be careful  :038:


Forum Announcements / Ride Reports since UK lock down
« on: March 28, 2020, 10:59:17 am »
Please note that we now kindly ask members in the UK not to post topics of their rides which tell everyone where they've been on their bike.

Without being judgemental, but due to the emergency legislation now in place in the UK, essentially it is now illegal to go for a ride "just for pleasure".

As you shouldn't be discussing or promoting anything on the forum that's illegal then these topics are now not acceptable.

Such topics appearing on other forums have been shot down with members telling the poster that they are being irresponsible. In turn this leads to arguments breaking out which we don't need on the forum.

Whether you go for a ride or not is up to you, but please don't post it on the forum until this situation is lifted.  :038:


However, feel free to post if you're out delivering NHS supplies  :037: , or maybe riding to work, or something fine like that.

Also, if you live in another country where no such restrictions apply then post away and we'll all gloat at you !  :001:

Hopefully we get some ride time in the months ahead as the situation peaks and wanes.  :152:

Keep Safe  :031:

Forum Announcements / BTInternet and Notifications
« on: February 15, 2020, 07:52:23 am »
Hi all

Please note that if you have a BTInternet email address as part of your forum profile then be aware that BTInternet are blocking our forum notification emails. There are a few exceptions but generally it affects the majority of BTInternet email accounts.

Unfortunately they seem to be treating them as spam and completely blocking them. They don't even seem to going to a spam box, just completely blocked.

We've tried to resolve this with BT but unfortunately dealing with them is a frustrating experiencing and quite frankly we've given up due to their ineptitude.

BTInternet users might want to consider changing your profile email address to another provider (gmail, hotmail etc). The reason we mention it is because if you ever forget your password then it will be impossible to reset it and you'll be locked out of the forum. This has already happened to several members on the forum. Also, you'll never get any notifications if someone sends you a message etc.

If you check the BT forums then you'll see many instances of BT blocking emails, this is the last topics but their are many:

This is disturbing as you might not be receiving emails from many other senders, not just us. Trouble you think your email is working just fine until you realise that lots of email destined to your email account simply never arrive. We've seen multiple instances of emails from HMRC and other important organisations simply being rejected outright  :151:

Depending on what type of email account you have then some people will have access to a "Safe Senders" list. If you have this then we would advise you add our outgoing automated forum email address which is:

Code: [Select]
On a side note I looked at Trustpilot and their rating for email is 1.3 out of 5 !

Here's a quote from one user that sums it up:

Disastrous. I have two friends on btinternet email addresses. They are both almost unreachable. This must be the worst email address in the western world. Can't give them less than one star because the system won't allow it.

On this basis I would seriously advise that you change your profile email account to another email provider. Personally I think gmail works really well.

This also affects BTYahoo Mail, BTMail, TalkTalk and old legacy Tiscali email accounts as they run through the BT platform.

Unfortunately, the forum will no longer accept a BTInternet email address for new members and it will be automatically rejected at registration.

Anyway thought we'd let you know  :038:


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