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If we go to Peabody's I think I'll pass on the Reuben, but the Dr. Pepper was good there. :745:

Saved your old ones I hope.  Hint, hint.

Where in Goldthwaite?

Items Wanted / Re: Trying To Find GPS Mount A9828009
« on: October 15, 2021, 02:04:55 pm »
Glad you found it, they are very scarce!  :821:

Lowering the front by different amounts can have some effect on handling.  Raising the tubes in the yokes can make it handle a little quicker and less makes it a little less nimble than stock.  The general recommendation of 12-13 mm is supposed to approximate the stock Trophy handling characteristics.  Personal decision on what you want it to feel like.

Events, Meetings, and Ride Outs / New Twisted Trophies Founding Member
« on: October 13, 2021, 03:15:43 pm »
Member Kiloecho and wife were visiting his new grandchild in San Antonio and headed home to Tennessee by way of New Braunfels, Texas so we got to have breakfast and take a little Hill Country ride.  Yaga 1973 joined us and a good time was had by all on a few fun roads on the way back to my house, where they stayed for the night.  They left Tuesday morning headed for East Texas to visit a friend on the way home.  Oh, I didn't mention that Kiloecho and his wife are now officially "Twisted Trophies Founding Members"!  I need to get his shirt design done so the two of them can proclaim it to the world! :745:

 :821: The top end of the fork tubes should be flush with the top bracket.  If there is tube showing the front has been lowered which is recommended with Lust lowering links.  Most of us that have lowered the front have moved the tubes up in the triple tree by 12 mm, close to 1/2".  You should introduce yourself to all the forum members in the "New Members" section.

New Members / Re: Possible new owner in Nova Scotia Canada
« on: October 12, 2021, 05:14:35 pm »
 :400: to the forum.

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