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I bought a V Stream for my BMW R1200RS I traded in for my Trophy. A have one for my ST1300. I really like there product. It is going to be in the 100ís for the next couple of weeks here on Oklahoma City. My four bikes will be on the battery tenders. I canít take the heat.
I was forced to buy the tall Vstream, because no others were available, and cut it down 4". That helped, but cutting down the stock screen way low was a game changer.
New Members / Re: Hello from Dayton, Ohio!
« Last post by PhilInAthens on Yesterday at 04:13 pm »
Just had mine done recently. $1365.xx that included shimming (adjusting) valves.  If I had removed the plastic cladding I could have perhaps reduced the labor costs.  (The Triumph mechanic had not had a lot of experience working on Trophys (Tigers yes, Trophys,no) and he did not enjoy learning how to remove and re-install the cladding.  :008:)
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve clearance checks.
« Last post by Novocastrian on Yesterday at 11:53 am »
Somebody questioned the difference between car servicing and bike servicing recently.  This is something I think bikers get hung up about- like if a service is delayed all hell will be let loose.  Personally, I've never been that bothered if a I miss a service by a few thousand miles - in fact on my current Trophy I have it booked in for a 10,000 mile service shortly, at 12,900 miles.  Also, as far as I am aware, the coolant and brake fluid have never been changed since 2016.  I recently chatted with someone I respect who is the service mechanic that deals with Trophies at our local Triumph dealership; he told me the world won't end by being a bit late - especially in respect of valve clearances (although not due for another 7,000 miles).

Getting a tick in a service book doesn't really matter to me - this is never a real deal breaker come sale time, except for a few pedantic buyers.  Getting things fixed as and when - and a reasonable amount of preventative maintenance (I consider oil and filter changes something that must not be messed about with) is my take on it.  Once servicing is no longer required for warranty - I believe a flexible view can be taken.

My 10,000 mile service (at 12,900) will include brake fluid and coolant changes as extras, and I will probably run to over 23,000 miles before the 20,000 mile service.  The service mechanic told me any out of spec valves at the 20,000 miles Trophy service are usually only marginally out anyway.

You pays your money and you takes your chance.  The risk of not getting servicing done at precisely the right time is small in my opinion....and fluid changes at 2 and 3 years are unnecessary.

When I was poor (not that I'm rich now) I would buy cars from auctions and only change the oil once in a while.  They ran pretty much flawlessly.  Oil is critical - everything else not so much so.
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Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve clearance checks.
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 09:32 am »
That's correct - every 20,000 miles, which of course is also every 40,000 miles  :008:

For some reason ( known best to Triumph  :027: ), in the Service Manual ( not the Owners Handbook )
they did it slightly differently, and also included a "dot" in the 40,000 mile column.

Cheers  :821:

*Originally Posted by Division399 [+]
I have since called one other dealer, who indicated "around $2000 plus tax". When I told him it sounds expensive he revealed that estimate included valve balancing (adjustment not just inspection) , he said that he had not had a Trophy come through for a. 20,000 that did not need valves balanced.
  My estimate included the balancing work.
*Originally Posted by Yellow jacket [+]
If you can find someone that cuts plastic, you can really benefit in the heat. I had my stock screen cut down to the top of the brackets, curved of course. Lots of air in the down position and about 4" below my sight in the up. I also have a Vstream for colder weather.
I have definitely thought about having mine cut down. I havenít had a chance to measure it to see if it is the taller screen. But it is to tall for my liking. I might try that first and see what happens.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve clearance checks.
« Last post by Pauli363 on Jul 01, 2022, 08.35 pm »
Just checked again, and my user manual under maintenance and adjustment has a dot at 20,000 miles for Valve clearance check and no dot at 40,000 miles.
So basically, regardless of that, its every 20,000 miles then.

I'll be hitting 60,000 miles quick enough, so Ill get that and the camshaft timing checked at the same time.

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