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Ernest T, Yes, the transmission is a cassette type and the technician informs me that he removed the transmission without having to remove the engine. In response to your question, then, I am certain that it simplifies the repair. It would be even more simple were the parts readily available.

Gordon3xBBB, Thanks for the welcome ... .  Having said that, you need not be puzzled ... a rev limiter is activated when a rider pushes a machine into the red line level of RPMs. I occasionally ride aggressively when I am alone and on open roads. And, in this case, the rev limiter indeed activated.  I can assure you that when purchasing the TTSE, I was well aware of its purpose as a sport tourer.  :008:

I do not ride the Trophy as if it were a Panigale, but I do not treat it as a princess, either. I use the clutch and throttle according to their purpose and design, as well. While I appreciate your advice that a Trophy is a motorcycle "designed to be ridden with a bit more finesse and aplomb"  :020:, I suggest that you pamper your machine as you wish and that you feel quite free to treat her with the finesse with which you appear to have been anointed. I would think that if you were to require a change of underwear for simply engaging a rev limiter, you might consider nappies, as they say.  :745:

I use textiles traps on the grab rails to fasten my tent bag and camping mattress and noted as well that the paint appears to be "scuffed" ... .

Thank you to all for your comments and thank you to the MODERATOR for moving my post to the appropriate area. I am pleased with the service received from TRIUMPH NA, though I remain puzzled as to why the company does not have the sufficient parts readily available for a fix. The shifting fork issue is not an uncommon one. I wonder, though, has Triumph taken any steps to improve the quality or durability of the fork and gears (2 and 6 in my case) to effectively prevent the failure from re-occuring? Any thoughts or information on that particular point?

Hello to everyone

Well, it's been a little over a year since I bought my 2014 TTSE. I didn't have a particularly good summer for riding this year, owing to a number of reasons, (New Brunswick, in Eastern Canada) and, consequently, I only have 23,000 Kms on the clock.

On September 21st, 2015, I noticed some gear slippage (i.e. falling momentarily out of gear and then immediately re-engaging), in 2nd gear. I had experienced it a few weeks earlier, but chalked it up to engagement of the rev limiter.

Bottom line, a diagnosis, last week, at the dealer (Atlantic Motoplex, Dieppe, New Brunswick) identified the problem as a warped shift fork, with damage to the 2nd and 6th gear. What with the bike being under warranty still, the matter will be dealt with at Triumph's expense. Service at both the dealership and the Triumph North America call centre has proven to be nothing but a professional experience with people who care about their customers. Brad, the Triumph rep person with whom I spoke in Georgia, was truly interested in my problem and provided me with excellent service.

That being said, and without wanting to in any way tarnish the excellent customer service that I have received, the problem lies in the fact that I am going to be without my bike for a period of about four weeks (which is a LONG time for me in PRIME riding season). I've been provided with a loaner machine from my dealership - a Tiger 1050 - for which I am grateful, but I am troubled, nonetheless, at why a 2014 Triumph Trophy SE would have such a problem anyway, to begin with. The Trophy is a premium motorcycle which has, to date, produced many enjoyable hours of riding. I have to say that this recent experience has struck a blow to my confidence in the machine and in the brand. I would like feedback from any of you fellow Triumph riders about what you might think of my predicament. I do not think that I am over-reacting. Have any of you experienced similar problems?

Thanks !

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