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Just curious,  how much volatage was "lost" ?

And BTW, you can buy a small , hand-held battery tester for about $20.  Saves a lot of guess work.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: immobilizer function
« Last post by STJIM on Today at 01:20 am »
I had a spare key made for my top box & gas cap ( no RFID chip inside ).

I tried starting the bike with this "dummy ( non-RFID ) key".  Everything seemed to power-up when I inserted it and turned it to the "Run" position but the starter wouldn't engage.

So , I believe you could have an RFID key cloned by a good locksmith.   There is a big locksmith company in Grand Rapids that has an expensive machine that can read the RFID code.  Then they have a new key made by someone else in the country.  It takes a few weeks to get the nrw key after they supply the RFID code.

So having a new key made isn't as difficult as it is with some other makes of motorcycles.   The new key doesn't need to be "registered" into the immobilizer or ECM, I believe.

I bet Digital can verify this ( or not ).
New Members / Re: Another newbie from Cheshire
« Last post by HACKLE on Yesterday at 11:26 pm »
  :400: jembutler to all things Triumph Trophy 1215.
New Members / Re: Another newbie from Cheshire
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 08:19 pm »
Hi jembutler and :400: to the Club !

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: oil fork
« Last post by trophied on Yesterday at 05:40 pm »
From the procedure described in the service manual I don't know that it's all that difficult if you have mechanical abilities, but it would certainly be time consuming and require removal of the tubes from the upper and lower clamps.  I inquired once here about the possibility of removing the fluid from the top with a suction device and replacing it by using a gauge made specifically for determining the correct oil level and was told by forum member digital that it was indeed possible.  I value his opinion on any service procedures on the Trophy.  It does take a special tool I would never use for anything else to remove the top caps, so I haven't done it, but my new to me '17 doesn't have many miles on it yet.  I have found that there is now fork oil in the proper 4W available in quarts made by Motorex which is the specified weight.  On my '13 that I had changed at the dealer they used Belray 5W, not the original weight installed at the factory.  Does it make a difference, I don't know, but since we have electronics involved, maybe.  Perhaps someone that has performed this task will chime in with better advice about the exact procedure.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / oil fork
« Last post by louping77 on Yesterday at 05:06 pm »
Hi all
id like to know if someone did  replaced the oil fork
is it so difficult to do ?
New Members / Re: Another newbie from Cheshire
« Last post by trophied on Yesterday at 04:58 pm »
 :400: to the forum.
New Members / Another newbie from Cheshire
« Last post by jembutler on Yesterday at 04:09 pm »
Took delivery of my 2014 Trophy SE last week absolutely love it!!! Hope to see anyone local to the Northwest out and about.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: immobilizer function
« Last post by nert on Sep 26, 2023, 10.09 pm »
Thank you for your reply. Only the dealer can pair keys, immobilizer, and ECM. Correct?
What does "lockout" mean relative to the ECM?
thank you
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: immobilizer function
« Last post by T800XC on Sep 25, 2023, 09.51 pm »
If the immobiliser & ECU fail to authenticate the ID chip in the ignition key a host of functions won't operate.

"Not start" means the ECU will not even allow the starter solenoid to engage and therefore the starter motor won't turn. It also shouldn't allow the fuel rail to pressurise and the injectors to operate.
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