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Title: Replaced brake pads today
Post by: Saaz on January 16, 2015, 02:22:04 am
Just replaced the brake pads front and back today, with Ferodo sintered pads.  At 57,400kms. 

Dead simple to do compared to a few other bikes. All up probably 30 minutes, and only because I took my time (being the first)  and cleaned around the pistons really well before pushing them back in.

Rear pads were the ones that really needed doing as they were close to the wear indicators. Quite unusual for me as I use the fronts a lot, but the rear pads are a lot thinner than the ones on the ST1100 (and the rear brake actually works a bit better) so would only last half as long, and with the linked brakes being so good I probably dab the rear brake more now as the front kicks in a bit to stabilise the bike without having to touch the front brakes. I ride mostly in comfort mode so this reduces dive at the front. I reused the backing plates from the OEM Nissin pads, one of which was had an extra insulator for some reason.

Front pads look mostly to have plenty left. The linked pad was noticeably more worn but still would have gone for a lot longer. But as I did the rears I went with the same brand up front.  Given the power these brakes have, and I have used them a fair few times, the wear is amazing.  So from now on I will work with new pads every 4 or so sets of tyres
Title: Re: Replaced brake pads today
Post by: w8d4it on January 16, 2015, 04:34:38 am
Absolutely right saaz.  you're in good company,3161.msg40441.html#msg40441 (,3161.msg40441.html#msg40441)