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Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Alpine adventure on the Trophy SE
« Last post by Pauli363 on Today at 06:43 pm »
First video attached covering my trip to the Ferry in Ireland.  (Can be washed in up to 4k from the settings on the video.)

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Warning !!!!
« Last post by Coconut on Today at 01:11 pm »
Looks like it didn't sell the first time around
and has now been relisted at alower price,
with several bidders but currenty at £2325.00
and has not reached its "Reserve Price".

If anyone here is thinking of buying it,
I would suggest asking the seller first
for a list of the "DTC's" ( Fault Codes ) present.

It's interesting that the seller reports the ABS Warning light is on,
and that "included is a sensor with the sale which Iím told will promptly rectify this issue" !

So why doesn't he fit it - and rectify the "issue" before offering for sale ? !  :164:

I would not be at all surprised - in view of the "Engine Management Light" being on,
to find other Fault Codes ( and faults ), not merely attributed to letting the battery go flat,
which if nothing else may require that Battery to be replaced !

Black Knight :

Have you checked the Software Version of your Audio Unit ?

Battery drain due to the Audio Unit not shutting down when the Ignition is switched off
( for the US & Canadian market with XM Satellite radio ) is a classic symptom
of the original Version 1.04A which had a "bug" causing this,
and which was fixed with an update to version 1.04E.

To find the version of Audio Software installed on your Trophy :

The Radio must be OFF when the Ignition is switched ON.

    Turn the Ignition ON but do not start the engine.
    ( If the Radio is ON it must be turned OFF by pressing the Volume Down button until RADIO OFF is displayed, then
    Turn the Ignition OFF, wait a few seconds, turn the Ignition ON and verify that RADIO OFF is displayed ).

    When RADIO OFF is displayed, Press and hold Button "P" for a few seconds
    until the DIAGNOSTICS MENU appears on the display.

    If not already displeyed Scroll to "S/W UPDATE" and press the Select button ( marked "i " ).
    Note the S/W Version number, ignoring the second line for "BB S/W"

    Press the Select button ( marked "i" ) again to exit the Software Update menu.

    Scroll to EXIT and press the Select button ( marked "i" ) to exit the Diagnostics Menu.

    Turn the Ignition OFF.

There's a Topic here about how to obtain the Update if you do not have ready access to a Dealer :

HOW TO: Obtain the XM Radio System Software Update ( U.S. )

If you find that you need the update, and experience problems obtaining it,
send me a Private Message and I can provide further guidance.

Cheers  :821:

Hey guys.

Did some checking of those power cables and they look to be in good shape. No corrosion found on the battery leads. Ensured terminals were clean and reassembled with dielectric grease.
A recent return from a 3800 klm tour (Renfrew to Maine) had a similar outcome. Again No Radio Found and once home the battery showed low (11.8v) on the monitor.
Will check connections again. Can't imagine the proximity to the salty coast of Maine to cause this reoccurance.
Anybody have some insights or thoughts on this let me know.
Modifications, Accessories, and Appearance / Re: New color
« Last post by Rick505 on Sep 19, 2023, 02.52 pm »
When I bought my 2015, Pacific Blue, new in 2017, and was driving 1300ish miles home (fly and ride purchase), I intended on getting it vinyl-wrapped in satin white.  Once I got home and understood how much it took to remove all the "plastic" panels and the like, I quickly gave up on that idea.   :001:

I like my 2011 Suzuki DL650, which is white, and believe stands out better against dark asphalt roads.  Then again I also wear hi-viz jackets and a white helmet.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve shims conundrum
« Last post by trophied on Sep 18, 2023, 11.59 pm »
Shim and bucket is a load of c**p that excuses a lack of interest in innovation in valvetrains in motorcycles.  Imagine the hand wringing that would occur if automobiles had to go in for service every 20K miles to have the valves checked, OMG soccer moms would go ballistic!
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve shims conundrum
« Last post by MidnightSE on Sep 18, 2023, 11.43 pm »
Revolution Max engine is a marvel of engineering for sure.
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve shims conundrum
« Last post by trophied on Sep 18, 2023, 05.47 pm »
I can't help it, gotta love me some hydraulic lash adjusters!  If Harley did it with a high RPM redline like the Pan America, everybody CAN do it. :009:
That's the Blanking Plug as shown on one of the Photo's previously Linked to.

You will need the Shorting Plug, included in the kit I mentioned previously.

I'd also check the condition of the exposed wiring pins within the sockets that the Heated Grips
and the Shorting Plug are pushed into - judging by their surroundings they might need a bit of a clean !

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve shims conundrum
« Last post by nert on Sep 18, 2023, 05.04 pm »
When performing a valve adjustment at 24k, my valves were tight. At my 74k adjustment, the valves were loose. Each time needing to have shims replaced. And rechecked before completing assembly.

As the components wear, due to the design,
the valve clearance will REDUCE.

Valve clearance changes due to wear in several areas of the valve train. Newly built heads will be more prone to clearance reducing as the thin margin area on the valve seat begins to "pound in" allowing the valve to sit deeper in the seat, and the stem section to sit taller towards the inverted bucket. This action will slow as the valve margin widens, due to increased margin surface area will more easily resist accelerated seat area deforming. The remainder of the valve train also experiences wear, (loss of metal) on the bucket surface, the cam lobe and the cam upper bearing journal all allowing clearances to increase. That wear will continue for the life of the engine. Engines that use rockers and push rods have additional areas of contact and wear and may increase valve clearance at a faster rate.
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