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     Hi everyone, have been away.I'm travelling the USA  coast to coast campsite to campsite. I have a 6' bed in my Toyota Tundra which tows my 32' camper.I stay 2-3 weeks and move further South to the next site. Its an awesome experience particularly because my 2015 Trophy SE sits in the bed of my truck. This is the issue, getting the bilke up the 6' ramp is a harrowing experience even when I'm lucky enough to have help.I have the beautiful Tralex crash bars to protect the bike if she tips,but nothing to protect me. I have to load and unload by myself every 2-3 weeks for a potentially 2 year + long trip. I need to find a way to get my beast up the ramp and into the bolted on chalk stand without tipping or over throttling. I almost broke my leg once .This has to stop. If there were some type of temporary bolt on training wheels I think I'd be fine as my ramp is almost 3' wide. It doesn't help that I'm disadvantaged with a 28" inseam. I am getting ready to stick a 5/8" steel rod through the center stand and attaching 12" pneumatic tires. Has anyone already done this?? I do not want to reinvent the wheel so if anyone has a solution under $500 US please let me know, I've looked at the jib option (too heavy I'm pushing it now towing an 8,000 lb camper and the 700+lb bike) Same with the lifts, The only other option is $3,200 conveyor type lift which also presents a weight issue. Is it really that uncommon for people to load their bikes in their pickup trucks  In any case if you go to Youtube the sales team for this renegade conveyor lift has a video of actual fails of people riding their bikes up ramps into pick up trucks and I'm still recovering from watching it, these are bone-crushing, people flipping accidents of the worst kind.
    Alright, you get the picture. If this bolt-on training-wheels (heavy duty) doesn't exist I believe there is a huge market for it along with a huge disclaimer which is why I think I'm stuck building it myself rather than having a doctor build me a leg cast and tell me my cycling days are over. Any useful information will be greatly appreciated as always Dinty (Maine, Ma, Pa and heading to Va. Thursday 600+ truck miles,900 miles motorcycle in 40 days so far. On to NC and Fla for the winter.Thanks for reading and safe riding to you all!! This may be a Tralex challenge hint,hint...

Items Wanted / 15 TrophySE TANK BAG Wanted
« on: February 25, 2021, 04:01:08 pm »
      Hi, new guy Dinty from Boston Looking for suggestions on the Tank bag
      I would like to buy a factory tank bag If anyone knows of a source I'd appreciate a note. I'm also
 interested in Trophy veteran's comments on a good low profile tank bag that sits well on a Trophy
      tank.  As always thank you in advance for your attention and assistance.   

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Accessories and Products / Crash Bars
« on: February 13, 2021, 05:03:46 pm »
  I'm asking for any recommendations for drop protection hardware that is reasonably priced. In addition, I bought a 2015 Trophy SE which came with a Garmin mount, Does anyone know what model(s) were options from Triumph as I cant seem to find a unit that will mount correctly. Any replies are appreciated Thanks Dinty from Boston

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