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Good evening everyone.
I have a 2013 standard model which has just started leaking oil from the front left side fork, which I discovered at the start of a trip. At the end of the 3 day trip this week, it wasn't leaking anymore as the fork was empty.
I really need the bike for a trip in 3 weeks time and contacted the dealer, offering to bring in the fork leg assembly to have them replace the seals for me and I would re assemble the leg into the yokes.
Unfortunately, they have a guy off and are very busy until august.
I feel confident in my abilities as an engineer to make special tools etc and do have a manual.
Question is, has anyone done this job at home without the factory tools? Any problems in doing the job? Was it successful?
Only got 92,000 miles on the bike, nothing seems to last these days!!!!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. I have a 2013 standard Trophy which I bought new and now has 86000 miles on the clock. In the early days of my working life I was an engineer, working as a toolmaker for a company making drive axles for heavy goods vehicles, before a recession in the early 1980's which prompted a career change. As a result, I had to set up my own workshop at home and make parts for my own vintage motorcycles, parts which include gear drive cam trains, clutches and gearbox pinions, crank pins, lap dancing poles (honestly, but I'm not telling!!). I have also made parts for race and road bikes, race cars and bicycles (clutch, camshaft and gear drive for a friend who took 4 world speed records at Bonneville on his bike with my parts fitted is one example)
Some of the parts I made for my Trophy were "just because I could" and sometimes because mine were better than the original offerings. An example is the short front wishbone sleeve which seems to need attention every year on my bike. I make the sleeve and the 2 longer ones, from EN36 steel, case hardened and ground to size. Since fitting them, I have never had to replace the sleeves as they seem better than the originals as they are manufactured from a better quality steel. I also make the front wheel spacers in stainless steel rather than the original aluminium which get grooves worn in them by the oil seals. In 50000 miles, mine are still like new. I also make a stainless steel sleeve with a knurled head to replace the plain aluminium sleeve on the right side of the front wishbone suspension sleeve. This greatly assists in the removal of said sleeve to service the rear suspension linkages as there is a knurled head to grip for removal and the stainless does not corrode and seize into the frame lug.
Until now, I have let a few members have these parts free of charge, however.....
An ex work colleague had a 2 year old daughter who sadly died last year because of meningitis. A group of the lads are going to walk 26 miles on a very challenging 3 peaks hike at the end of this month in a bit to raise money for meningitis research. Always a man to be able to see his personal limitations, I knew this was too much for me to do, so, I would like to offer the parts I make to fellow members in a bid to raise a little for the charity. I will list the parts and you can do your own research into the prices charged by official dealers, but the complete set from a well known dealer retails at 164 plus post.
I only have a limited number of the parts and once they are gone, that's it. If anyone buys the stuff and isn't happy, I will refund their money. It must be appreciated that I am not a business and do not wish to profit from my offer. The parts are fitted at your risk, but in my experience and that of a few select members, I have no complaint as to the quality and longevity of the parts.
The parts are as follows :-
Front wishbone sleeve (30mm long x 20mm diameter) I have 20 of these (retail @10 plus post)
Rear and upper sleeves (90mm long x 20mm diameter) I have 12 of these (retail @ 28 plus post)
Front wishbone spacer with knurled head in stainless steel (fitted to right side of wishbone) I have 10 of these (retail @58 plus post which must surely be a mistake, but that's what the dealer says)
Front wheel spacers in stainless steel, I have 7 pairs of these (retail @ 40 plus post)
I would be looking for a donation to the charity previously mentioned and would be looking at 50 for the whole lot, plus postage. My aim is to try and raise at least 300 for the charity. If anyone wants just one or two of the parts I offer, that is fine, I will do a price based on their needs. I would be looking for payment as a "gift" via paypal and will PM details once the parts are received.
I would post some photographs of the parts, but I am not too clever with computers, but will try in the next couple of days.
It must be appreciated what I am trying to do here and the fact that I have covered many thousands of miles with the parts, without any problem has to speak volumes. I cannot afford to have anyone buy the parts and sue me, which seems to be the modern way with some people, but I suspect not on this forum.
If anyone is interested, send me a PM, but be aware, the long wishbone sleeves wont be ready for a month as I am getting a batch of parts together for heat treatment and just need to finish some gear pinions and offset crank pins for Lambretta scooters.
I hope this offer is of use to some of you and I am willing to split the parts to cater for your needs. If any members who already have the parts I make wish to endorse them, please feel free to do so, but remember, when they're gone, they're gone.
Many thanks for reading this post

Does anyone have any front and rear brake caliper pistons I could borrow please. Corroded or "Stillson rash" okay. I'm  not sure if front and rear are different or if pistons within the front calipers are different from one another, but I can sort that out. I will return them  when I have finished and will even pay the post. Due to customs rules and import duties charged here in the UK, only owners from UK or Europe as we get charged an exhorbidant amount even if the parts are marked as having no value. I will even give the lender a lovely set of stainless steel front wheel spacers for their trouble to replace the original alloy ones which wear quickly.
Many thanks

On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / Triumph Motorcycles in trouble?
« on: June 10, 2020, 11:21:21 pm »
Just seen this article on You Tube by Stuart Fillingham
I personally think Triumph "lost the way" around 2005 to 2010 and most of their bikes since then have been small production runs of bikes with slightly different specifications with different suffixes and prefixes which most struggle to understand. The new Explorer with its engine/wheel/electronic combinations for example? They also seem to be ploughing ahead with their "classics" which are reincarnations of once popular 50's and 60's models. With an ageing buyer base, they certainly seem to be grasping at straws and definitely don't make anything I am interested in buying. It also seems many buyers are now put off because it is no longer being "Made in Britain", coupled with the announcement of lots of UK redundancies. Mind you, they aren't the only ones to outsource to the far east.

I know there is an old thread about this, but the last post was 2015, hence a new one. My 2013 Trophy has 85k on it and in the last couple of thousand miles the red light for oil pressure illuminated, along with a warning "oil pressure low" on the display. I stopped and checked the oil level, which was fine and there were no mechanical noises. I was on the west coast of Southern Ireland at the time, in the middle of nowhere, so started it up again and all was well. There had been torrential rain the day before when we got to the hotel and I thought that may have been a cause, but more likely it was wishful thinking on my part. We continued the rest of the trip and I have covered around 2000 miles since then. I started the bike up today after washing it through the week (bucket/sponge and hose method) and it came on again, but not on washing day. Oil level is okay. Stopped and restarted, no problem. I am suspecting the pressure switch, but anyone had this happen?

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Gear lever pivot bolt
« on: July 21, 2019, 09:20:20 am »
My friend owns an ex Blood Bike which needed a bit of looking at. One of the issues was a stripped thread in the frame which the well documented gear lever pivot bolt screws into. I found that this blind M8 hole is around 23mm deep and threaded to the bottom, whilst the gear lever bolt thread is only 13mm long (or was it 14, it's been a day or two!). I cleaned the thread out and tapped it, just make sure it was threaded right to the bottom of the hole, then turned up a sleeve to the same dimensions as the original, but with an 8mm hole through, rather than having the M8 threaded part. (Sorry, I cant post photos, I can only work machinery not electronic stuff). I then used an M8 x 45 socket head cap screw (cap head) with a spring washer under its head to secure the new  sleeve to the frame. It was a better repair than a helicoil or timesert as these must go in to the frame at 90 degrees to the location face to pull down the sleeve squarely. I am capable of doing this accurately, but this was the easier and quicker option. Just an alternative method of repair if anyone is interested.

Items for Sale / Used tank bag for offer. Free!!
« on: July 20, 2019, 09:07:47 am »
I have an original Trophy tank bag for offer and want no money for it. It is 6 years old and comes with the cover and carrying handle, but no fitting kit. Problem is, the zip has started to come away from the bag on the lower run for about 4" at the back of the bag. I have had it to a couple of cobblers who say they cannot replace the zip due to the method of construction, so I considered sewing the damaged zip portion back to the bag body to restrict the zipper movements, but then found a barely used bag for sale and went that route. If anyone wants it just pay the post and perhaps a small donation to either the air ambulance or help the heroes would be a nice gesture.

21/09/19 - Edited to add "Sold" Flag.
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Ride Reports and Touring / What's everyone got planned for this year?
« on: March 09, 2019, 11:20:47 am »
Just sitting in my comfy chair and the sun is shining outside, though it's still a bit chilly. I have the maps spread out and the ferry timetables to hand and was just wondering what everyone has got planned for this year. I am starting the season by going to see a friend in London for a few days next week. A trip to the Alps in june with 4 mates, all ferries booked and paid for with a couple of hotels as well to start. Strange I haven't seen the lads since I mentioned I had laid out 1500 quid, but they're like this every year! June sees the Coast to Coast run and back over 3 days on my 1968 Honda 50 cub or 1972 Puch, 300 miles total with 30 other like minded souls on vintage mopeds, it's a hoot. August sees us going to Ireland for a week for the Ulster Grand Prix, then my nephew tells me his stag night (pre wedding party) is in Dublin a week later, so I might just stay for that with the bike rather than fly out. Just when I thought I was pretty much sorted, I got an invite for a Parilla motorcycle meeting on Lake Gard, Italy, in may, so working on the basis "that it's easier to gain forgiveness than get permission in the first place", I've booked to go there. I have just mentioned the last to the perfumed one and she's gone a bit quiet. I will leave it a week or two before I mention that it really isn't worth going for a few nights (it's a 2500 mile round trip in a straight line) so might negotiate a fortnight for that one.
What's everyone else got planned?

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