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I have one of these body warmers and can vouch for its effectiveness. Being a tough northerner, I only use mine
in March and November, otherwise I might turn a bit soft and need to wear a long sleeved shirt in December.
Seriously good gear.

I might just have a ride down there myself

New Members / Re: new member
« on: October 31, 2021, 09:23:25 am »
Welcome to the group. Sorry to hear you are having mechanical troubles, hope they get sorted out.

At only a year younger than you Coconut, i might get another one or two bikes bought before 2035, but all electric is a concern. I am off to London on tuesday on my Trophy and at the moment I can get all the way there (280 miles), without stopping if I so wish. I believe we will need significant advances in battery and electric vehicle design to achieve acceptable ranges and recharge times. Likewise for longer trips, where 2 charges a day may be required.
Perhaps "they" just want us to travel everywhere by public transport such as trains or electric buses, but I like doing my own thing. Or maybe just stay at home?
Ahh well, that's the modern world for you.

I really love my Trophy, even though we had a couple of hiccups at the start. Now coming up to 9 years old, I am keeping an eye open for what is available and to be honest, nothing is grabbing my attention. I know chains have come on a long way, but I want shaft drive. I also want a 25 litre/ 250 mile tank range (once saw a predicted range of much more, but that was a one off). And the option to ride 250 miles without stopping. I want weather protection and a comfy seat. I want 10,000 mile (or more) service intervals. I do not want a BMW. Not ever, never.
As a 61 year old guy who still does 12,000 miles a year before covid, what is there for me? Certainly, Triumph do not make it, nor do the Japanese unless it is a scooter. Decisions, decisions....
I am sticking with what I have at the moment and would love to put another 100,000 on her, unless something crops up.

Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical issues / Re: Cost of Service!
« on: October 14, 2021, 09:18:58 am »
I suppose it's because everything on a car is just under the bonnet and easily accessible, no fairing removal to get to the engine.
Also, the car will not need any valve clearance checks as they will most likely be hydraulic.
No more than a plug in check, oil and filters change. To put it all into perspective, I got a 4 year/ 60,000 mile service plan for a Mercedes and it was just over 1,100, with roadside assistance and recovery included.
Can you remember when we had motorbikes because they were cheaper to run than cars?

New Members / Re: Newbie from Worcestershire UK
« on: October 10, 2021, 08:30:28 am »
Welcome and enjoy your new bike.

I anticipate you are going to have problems trying to get the broken extractor out and on a personal note, I hate the things.
Not sure of your mechanical abilities, but mt suggestion would be to grind the extractor out with a carbide or diamond bit in a hand held Dremel or similar high speed rotary tool. Take it easy and keep away from the aluminium of the frame. Once all the parts of the broken extractor are out, then you can work on the broken bolt. I have a drill jig I made, which mounts onto the sidestand bolt holes and is directly above the gear lever bolt to drill it out, but postal costs to the USA and back would be prohibitive. There are pictures of it here somewhere and plenty of info if you search on "broken gear lever (shifter?) bolt.
Good luck.

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