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Ride Reports and Touring / Swiss Reinsurance Tourist Trophy
« on: June 19, 2013, 09:19:35 pm »
Hi Buddies,
Tomorrow morning 6.30 I will leave home for a 700kms ride to attend this annual gathering of Swiss, German, British and French Reinsurance Professionals. This year the meeting point is Martigny (CH), on Friday we'll wander into Italy (Val d'Aoste), cross the French border through Bourg Saint Maurice, Val d'Isère, Lanslebourg, Modane to finally settle in Valloire. Saturday that will be Valloire, Mont de Lans, Bourg d'Oisans, La Mure, Mens, Die, and the Vercors to Rencurel. Sunday on ou way back that will be La Chartreuse, Chambéry, Annecy and Geneva before splitting.
Hope to post some pictures if weather allows taking them. Altogether a close to 2000 kms roundtrip!

Map overview attached below (pdf document)

Modifications and Appearance / Rear Fender
« on: June 13, 2013, 08:58:52 pm »
Hi everyone, I'd like to call upon our German members' assistance. I'm concerned with the rear splashing under wet conditions (picture attached). My dealer suggests to try and get one of those mounted on the TT sold in Germany, supposedly longer than ours. Would any of the German members of this forum be kind enough to post a picture of the same? Secondly would it happen that any of you knows the spare part number for it? Thanks a lot for your assistance

Just back from a tour in Ardennes, with my buddies. Stayed in Rocroi and toured around our base camp. We followed the valleys of the Meuse and Semois rivers: twisty roads, up and down. Nice riding despite lousy weather. Went to Givet, Philippeville, Beaumont, Chimay and back to Rocroi. The second day we went to Sedan, Bouillon and came back through Monthermé. Ardennes are a fun place for bikers, however sometimes the pavement, on the Belgian side, is not up to expectations...
We'll be back in the Region early June with a group of London business friends (12 of us) for our annual Tour. The Blue Trophy just confirmed all the good impressions I got when I first tried it!

I've browsed through the forum and did not find any post related to the problem I'm facing (sorry if I missed something, the admin will forgive me, hopefully?): I've loaded a bunch of musics on a memory stick that I've inserted in the USB port and I got a message saying "no files found", while the full capacity of the stick is almost used (1Go)!
Has any of you already encountered this problem? and if so what is your suggestion to solve it?
thanks for your help

New Members / new member
« on: May 06, 2013, 08:58:46 pm »
Hi everyone, happy to join, I'm 57 and recently took possession of a brand new Trophy Se (Pacific Blue) after 12 years of Pan Euro ST 1100 riding. I started with motorcycles when I was 16 and still own my very first bike a Honda CB 250 Mk IV; after I had Laverdas (750 SF) and more recently a Suzuki VX 800.
I live in the northern suburb of Paris, close to CDG Airport.
About my user name: since I'm getting an old f... and keep repeating myself my buddies gave me the "Verdun" nickname (as a veteran) and 95 for the district we live in!

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