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Multiple transfer options on a title to account for dealers taking vehicles in trade so that they don't have to apply and pay for a title while it sits on their lot.  Are these guys in Chicago?
If it's this one, there's a couple of things to note :

Powersports Store, Triumph Trophy SE ( Lunar Silver )

The mileage is shown on their web site as being 24,736 miles,
so there's no reason why that figure should not be included on the paperwork  :084:

Helpfully they have included the VIN Number, ( SMTH02XK6DJ594102 ) and when that
is checked on Triumph's Web Site, ( Triumph Owners / Recall Search )
it shows an outstanding SAFETY RECALL for the Ignition Wiring Inspection.

That motorcyle should NOT be ridden until the Inspection has been carried out !

There's plenty of information about that issue - if you click the Link in my signature, below  :028:

Cheers  :821:

Okay.  Valuable input.  I didn't think the dealer would give you the original title, though, because it had already been signed over to them as the buyer, and I thought you could only do that once.  Or when a dealer buys a vehicle, do they not go on the title as buyer, so that they can use that title to sell it?

The place has good reviews on Google. It's The Powersports Store in cincinnati.  They are primarily a repair shop. I'm thinking that this is not a scam but I'm thinking that there's also something else to the story. Like maybe the owner took the bike in for work and never paid them for it so they repossessed it and don't have the original title. Although that doesn't explain the zero miles does it?
Something definitely doesn't sound right here.  They would have the title that the original owner surrendered to them (a requirent for them to sell it), and could send that to you properly signed to transfer it to you, which you could then convert straight into a Maryland title.  The only possibility I see as the reason for them not having a title is if it is only being brokered and/or advertised by them and it isn't actually in their possession.  The "0" miles on the odometer statement is also a big red flag.  Might better run away from this deal, and do an internet search for this dealer in Ohio to see if you find something bad. :084:
Something sounds fishy.

I have bought a number of vehicles from states surrounding Illinois and each time they gave me the title (from their state) signed by them and I then turned that into Illinois with my application for an Illinois title and registration.

Ride Safe
And why the heck did they enter 0 miles as the odometer reading on two documents they sent me to sign?  (The odometer disclosure statement, and the bill of sale.)  There are about 15 blanks on each of those documents, and the guy filled all of them in correctly, with VIN, year, my address, name, etc.  The only thing he ...missed(?)... was putting "0" as the odometer reading.  The bike has 24k, and I know that, and it was advertised with that on Cycletrader, and they know that I know that.  So?
I think, maybe, they have to get a title for it in my name as proof of ownership.  The MD DMV site says,
"Typically, you will need to submit the following forms to obtain a title for your vehicle:

    Proof of ownership – This is the vehicle’s existing title that identifies you as the owner. If the vehicle is from a state that does not issue a title as proof of ownership ONLY, the vehicle's registration document and bill of sale may be submitted as proof of ownership."

This indicates that you must have a title  in order to get a new title, unless you bought from a state that doesn't do titles.  But this still seems new to me.  I'm getting an Ohio title for a used vehicle that I'm buying.  Ohio.  I guess the dealer couldn't give me the title they received when they bought the vehicle, since you can only transfer a title once. 
Maybe it makes some sense now.  But it's still strange.   
Thanks. That's what makes sense to me as well.  The dealer won't have a title, other than the original that they got from the private seller.  But then they have no reason to get a new title in their name; being a dealer.  So they would give a new buyer the bill of sale and whatever other paperwork will allow the new buyer to go to their own home state and title and register it.  (Assuming you're from a state they don't normally deal with; otherwise they'll apply for the title for you in your home state.)

No, I'm not taking a loan or financing on it.

MD says you must title a vehicle in the state within 60 days of moving there.  Otherwise you get no credit for sales tax you already paid in the other state when you bought it.  (Aren't they generous.  I'm sure people normally don't have much else to do when they've just changed their residence.)  So I don't see how I wouldn't need a MD title.

The dealer sent me paperwork to sign; which includes an application to the Ohio DMV for a certificate of title.  It has me as purchaser, and has my correct home address in MD.  I just don't understand it.  What in the world is Ohio going to do with this?
That sounds strange. I bought a new ADV 150 in Pennsylvania (no financing) but the dealer gave me the bill of sale and certificate of origin to take to my home state DMV for title completion. If you are financing your Trophy, the bank will hold the title until you pay it off. Can you check with Maryland DMV for the proper procedure?
Hey guys.  I'm finally actually buying a Trophy.  2013.  So I'll be on here a lot more going forward.  I'm a little bit excited.

I have a question.  I live in Maryland but the bike is in Ohio and the dealer sent me paperwork to fill out for them to title the bike in my name in Ohio.  ???  I called to ask and he said they can title it in my name there, and I could register it in Maryland, and not have to get a new title. 
I have some serious doubts about this working.  Any experience with this? 
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