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Items for Sale / Original, non-heated, rider & pillion seat, never used
« on: November 22, 2020, 10:47:55 am »
Hi All,

have not posted here for a long while since I moved to the dark side (BMW K1600)

Having a clearout of the garage and came across my original Trophy rider & pillion seats, non heated. They have never been on the bike as the heated seats were fitted from day 1. No rips or tears as you would expect.

If anyone is interested, make me an offer. Can ship (Your cost) or happy for you to collect, lockdown rules allowing.

Direct message if interested with a contact number.



Hi All, amazed to see I'm still in the top 3 for posts on this forum after a year away! I obviously spent too much time on line!

Clearing out my shed and I have the original unheated standard rider and pillion seats for my 2013 Trophy I sold Feb 2018. They are clean, unmarked and unused as they were never fitted to the bike having heated seats fitted from day 1.

Make me a sensible offer if you need a replacement or even just want a base to send off to get remodelled by a saddler!

Buyer collecting would be ideal but would post for appropriate fee or possibly deliver if not out of my way.

Items for Sale / FOR SALE: Multiple Items
« on: January 29, 2018, 06:10:18 pm »
Hi All,

My Trophy has gone and I now have some items for sale Before I go to the hassle of eBay I would prefer to offer them to my friends in the forum.

I have the following available

Russell Day Long front and rear seat with removable riders backrest. Not heated, supremely comfortable and unmarked. NOW SOLD

Remus hexacone slip on silencer. Unmarked carbon, some discolouration on the metalwork of the pipe . NOW SOLD

Garmin 590LM sat nav, plus cradle. Lifetime maps. NOW SOLD

Touratech locking cradle for Garmin 590/595 so you can secure the device to the bike for those shorter stops. 2 keys.

Trophy tank bag, plus fittings, yes I remembered to take them off. NOW SOLD

complete set, unopened EBC Double H sintered brake pads for front (Both sides) & Rear NOW SOLD

Single piece, clear perspex headlight protector as sourced by Coconut from Australia, still in bag with adhesives. I never got round to putting it on! NOW SOLD

If any of you are interested in any of the above drop me a DM with what you think is a reasonable offer and we can discuss numbers & I can mail pictures as required.

All the best,


Hi All,

after 5 fantastic years of riding the Trophy, its time for me to move on. If the Trophy was still available, even better if Triumph had seen fit to do some updates I would have another Trophy, no question. But as they are no longer available, Triumph is losing me to the 'Dark Side' & I am returning to BMW.

Shortly picking up a BMW K1600 GT Sport, managed to haggle a great deal that Im pleased with.

So I will be popping in from time to time to see how everyone is doing and hopefully if Triumph come to their senses I might be back on a New Trophy in a few years, who knows. Take care all, enjoy your Trophies and look out for some postings I will make shortly for bits I have for sale.

Keep it rubber side down,


On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / 2018 Triumph Explorer 1200
« on: November 17, 2017, 09:05:18 am »
Hi all,

just reading the specs for the new 2018 Triumph Explorer 2018. Sounds like a great pice of kit and if I wanted an exposed adventure style ride then its a no brainer.

  • Increased engine output to 141PS
  • Full colour TFT display
  • illuminated switchgear
  • LED & Adaptive cornering headlights
  • Gear shift assist
  • Hill hold
  • Keyless start

All the kind of things we have been talking about as obvious upgrades for the Trophy. Why the hell can't they refresh the Trophy with this kind of zeal, seems like a major upgrade every 12 months for the Explorer!

Now I am looking forward to seeing the new Explorer at the Bike Show at the weekend but I still don't see me getting one. Come on Triumph, lather this type of attention on your 'Flagship'!

This Item now sold, thanks.

Hi All, before I go through the hassle of eBay I was wondering if anyone is interested in a used Garmin Virb Elite 1080p HD, 16MP, GPS & Wi-Fi enabled action camera with lots of accessories? Having a clearout and I no longer use this.

The kit includes the camera, a dive case, a multitude of mounts, including stick on ones that have never been used, 2 suction cup mounts one being a RAM mount type, 2 batteries, battery charger base unit which plugs into a USB port, a remote control but if you have a Garmin 595 sat nav you can even remote control this camera from the sat nav screen, a head mount and also a body harness shoulder mount. I will also throw in a 32gb micro SD card.

Hard to say exactly a price from eBay as there arenít any there with all these extras. Brand new without any extras are about £200 plus. So Iím thinking about £150 ish with all these extra bits like the additional battery, remote, dive case and memory card. But open to sensible offers

PM me if youíre interested.


On Two Wheels - Bikers Chat / New Honda Goldwing. Thoughts?
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:10:37 pm »
Hi all, have you seen the new 2018 Honda Goldwing? Have to say its looking and sounding like some cracking hardware! If Triumph don't do something sharpish I might well be seeking my first Honda!

Hi All, some of you will have read that I have a feeling that change is needed and that I had test rode a BMW K1600 and have been sorely tempted. Well good sense has prevailed and I think that idea is pretty much consigned to the bin so to get that feeling of a new bike I'm thinking paint job/wrap

My first thoughts are go for a very different look. I did toy with the idea of painting it to look like Thunderbird 2 but as much as the whimsical nature of that appeals I guess it would have a limited resale market unless I could find another sad geek who doesn't want to grow up to sell it to.

So my next thought is play on the Britishness and go red white and blue. So I'm thinking mainly a deep pearlescent white as the main body of colour with red and blue accents and probably red powder coated wheels.

I have done some doodling, imagine the lunar silver is pearlescent white, and the Triumph and Trophy badging still a work in progress as to how that will look. But these are my first rough ideas, what do you think?

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