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I'm curious to know where on the bike you have it located ???

Also in which countries do you have it installed?


Modifications and Appearance / Heated grips for the rear handles
« on: March 06, 2021, 12:02:32 pm »
For those who want to keep their lady happy with warm hands. She left you some photos so that you can install heated grips very easily on the rear handles.

To the front seat, I opened its upholstered part, I inserted a kit bought from Amazon for about 20 with shipping included. I reupholstered it and until today I have not had any problem. It has two warm-up positions, low and high.

I open this topic to inform Canes1 and redcap0006 because they were interested in knowing how the logo for the courtesy led projector is evolving.

In less than 30 seconds you give it for complete.

Now I have taken out the bowlers again to do the test and it took me 20 seconds.

As you well know, since you have had the bowler hats in hand, you will remember that at the end of the bowler hat it has some U-type protrusions, but no more fastening, or screws or anything. which means that they have to leave without difficulty pulling upwards and with the key inside.

The method is the following:
You insert the key in its corresponding cylinder, turn the key until its final travel, that is, to the point that the handle of the suitcase opens as if we wanted to take the suitcase, once the key is in its total travel and the handle is fully open , we hold the tab of the closure with a tool, for example with a screwdriver as I put in the photo. Once with the tornavis, the tongue is well fastened. We pull the key together with the cylinder upwards, since it is inserted in its cylinder. With our fingers we are holding the cylinder with the key so that the key does not come out of the cylinder and does not leave us in work half-done.

Once the cylinder with its key is out, we can remove the key from the cylinder.

When we have the bowler hat outside its accommodation, we must look at the position that the bowler hat was in its housing, since if not, it will be impossible for us to put it back into its accommodation.

To insert the new cylinder, we take the new one and put the key inside it and do the reverse operation to its extraction. We insert inwards the closing tab of the suitcase inwards and fasten it again with the tornavis, this what it will do is place the mechanism of the inner cylinder in a straight position so that it allows passage to the 2 protrusions type U of the cylinder. We introduce the bowler inwards until it reaches its position and we already have it.

I reiterate. Remember the position in which we extracted the old cylinder, if we look through the walls of the cylinder, we will see that on the one hand it has a hole and on the other it does not.

I hope this helps to lose the fear of having to replace the bowlers one day.

Keys inserted into bowlers

Correct position to extract the cylinder with the same key

This meeting was very fun going through the curves.

Ride Reports and Touring / Encounter with 10 Trophys
« on: May 23, 2020, 10:35:55 pm »

Here I had a front and rear camera, but of low quality.

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