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Exactly.  Takes a bit of time.  Good source for the shims, the .025 increment is very helpful.  Anywhere else they're only in .05 increments and if you buy the Trophy shims they're $9 each and the local to me Kawasaki dealer charges $16 each, and when I asked if they stocked them I was told they never stock valve shims.  Neither did the dealer that did the valves on my '13 the first time they were done.  Precisely why it took 4 days to get my major service done, I was even told they had to wait for shims.  So if dealers don't want to stock a butt load of shims, then your service work will always take longer than you think. 
Maintenance, Servicing, and Mechanical / Re: Valve shims conundrum
« Last post by STJIM on Today at 04:10 am »
*Originally Posted by MidnightSE [+]
My bad, I mixed up SAE and Metric.
It is not .10 mm it is .10 inches which is .254mm. Which is still below min spec of .275mm
So to bring it back up to max clearance of .325 I will need -070mm shim. (.325-.254)
Given existing shim is 2.30mm, I need to subtract .070mm from it. So the shim of 2.25 mm would bring the clearance closer to .325mm clearance.

Does it sound plausible?

NO !!  You had it right the first time.   .10 inch is a ridiculously wide clearance for any engine.  Sorry to be so blunt.

BTW, Cheers...

I bought my shims at  https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/parts/pro-x-valve-shim-p?v=11648

They don't have a listing for a Triumph Trophy but the Kawasaki shims are the same diameter( 9.48 mm )  and that's what I used when I did my valve adjust.  Less than 2 bucks each and they come in .025 mm increments.

I have to emphasize they end result of this whole adjustment procedure depends on besides picking the correct new shim thickness AND how accurate the original clearance measurements is done before pulling the cams.  The feeler gauges I used included a .0005 feeler gauge and I use a "GO'  and "NO GO" method to measure the clearances.  I calculated the estimated actual measurement as the average of the "GO" and "NO GO" thicknesses.

I set my exhaust clearances at the high end of the range and the intakes in the middle.  Worked out pretty good and I measured the clearances after I re-installed the cams just to be on the safe side.
I just put a new set of Shinko Verge 2 tires on my bike about 3,000 miles ago.  No cupping of the front tire yet after my IBA Great Lakes 100 ride ( 2,721 miles ) and I really don't care if I get a little less mileage out of these tires since they are significantly less expensive.

The bike seems to "turn-in" much better with these tires, but maybe that's because the front tire isn't cupped like the tire that was replaced and the rear tire doesn't have a flat stop in the center.
Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Warning !!!!
« Last post by Noggin on Yesterday at 09:17 pm »
*Originally Posted by mikal [+]
The seller told me that the bike belonged to his late Father and he is not a mechanic hence not fixing the problem!!
He is definitely lying then some one needs to report it to eBay I would but he's got me banned from eBay as well as Facebook marketplace because I called him out on it,
Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Warning !!!!
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 09:06 pm »
If he's not a mechanic, how can he make the claim ....

Rest assured, these minor concerns are easily manageable
which is reflected in the price, ensuring the bike is back in perfect condition.


"minor" concerns ?   :110:

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Warning !!!!
« Last post by mikal on Yesterday at 08:59 pm »
The seller told me that the bike belonged to his late Father and he is not a mechanic hence not fixing the problem!!
Ride Reports and Touring / Re: Alpine adventure on the Trophy SE
« Last post by Pauli363 on Yesterday at 06:43 pm »
First video attached covering my trip to the Ferry in Ireland.  (Can be washed in up to 4k from the settings on the video.)

Triumph Trophy - General Chat / Re: Warning !!!!
« Last post by Coconut on Yesterday at 01:11 pm »
Looks like it didn't sell the first time around
and has now been relisted at alower price,
with several bidders but currenty at £2325.00
and has not reached its "Reserve Price".

If anyone here is thinking of buying it,
I would suggest asking the seller first
for a list of the "DTC's" ( Fault Codes ) present.

It's interesting that the seller reports the ABS Warning light is on,
and that "included is a sensor with the sale which Iím told will promptly rectify this issue" !

So why doesn't he fit it - and rectify the "issue" before offering for sale ? !  :164:

I would not be at all surprised - in view of the "Engine Management Light" being on,
to find other Fault Codes ( and faults ), not merely attributed to letting the battery go flat,
which if nothing else may require that Battery to be replaced !

Black Knight :

Have you checked the Software Version of your Audio Unit ?

Battery drain due to the Audio Unit not shutting down when the Ignition is switched off
( for the US & Canadian market with XM Satellite radio ) is a classic symptom
of the original Version 1.04A which had a "bug" causing this,
and which was fixed with an update to version 1.04E.

To find the version of Audio Software installed on your Trophy :

The Radio must be OFF when the Ignition is switched ON.

    Turn the Ignition ON but do not start the engine.
    ( If the Radio is ON it must be turned OFF by pressing the Volume Down button until RADIO OFF is displayed, then
    Turn the Ignition OFF, wait a few seconds, turn the Ignition ON and verify that RADIO OFF is displayed ).

    When RADIO OFF is displayed, Press and hold Button "P" for a few seconds
    until the DIAGNOSTICS MENU appears on the display.

    If not already displeyed Scroll to "S/W UPDATE" and press the Select button ( marked "i " ).
    Note the S/W Version number, ignoring the second line for "BB S/W"

    Press the Select button ( marked "i" ) again to exit the Software Update menu.

    Scroll to EXIT and press the Select button ( marked "i" ) to exit the Diagnostics Menu.

    Turn the Ignition OFF.

There's a Topic here about how to obtain the Update if you do not have ready access to a Dealer :

HOW TO: Obtain the XM Radio System Software Update ( U.S. )

If you find that you need the update, and experience problems obtaining it,
send me a Private Message and I can provide further guidance.

Cheers  :821:

Hey guys.

Did some checking of those power cables and they look to be in good shape. No corrosion found on the battery leads. Ensured terminals were clean and reassembled with dielectric grease.
A recent return from a 3800 klm tour (Renfrew to Maine) had a similar outcome. Again No Radio Found and once home the battery showed low (11.8v) on the monitor.
Will check connections again. Can't imagine the proximity to the salty coast of Maine to cause this reoccurance.
Anybody have some insights or thoughts on this let me know.
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