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Anyone else going ?

I'm going on Day 1, and expect to spend a fair amount of time
drooling over some of the Models that I can't afford,
that I will never have, and that I am probably too old for .....  :012:

..... then I'll go and have a look at some of the Motorbikes  !  :745:

I agree with digital's advice to try connecting the DRL power cable directly to the main battery
to eliminate any problems of a faulty connection, or any other issue with that Accessory socket circuit.

If it works correctly when connected directly to the battery,
provide a new power connection for the DRL's, preferably via an isolation switch.

If the DRL's still exhibit the same problems it may well be that they are faulty.

Cheers  :821:

Accessories and Products / Re: Rechargeable Handheld Air Pump
« on: Yesterday at 08:49:18 pm »
Gentlemen : Before placing your bets , I should let you know that
the instructions also carry a warning that the pump should not
be operated continuously for more than 15 minutes at a time,
without switching it off and allowing it to cool down, so any guess
that is in excess of 15 minutes ( if correct ) would need to be
accomplished in more than one inflating session !

I could be tempted to donate a Prize  :085: and send it ( at MY cost ) to whoever guesses closest ....

It WON'T be a "custom bobblehead of my profile" though - whatever one of those is !  :027:

Over to you guys ! ......

Accessories and Products / Re: Rechargeable Handheld Air Pump
« on: Yesterday at 07:34:51 pm »
I will be doing some checks over the Winter to see how long
it holds a full charge, and how long it takes to recharge.  :169:

Great idea about timing how long it will take to inflate a completely flat tyre  :028:

"Watch this space!" !

Accessories and Products / Rechargeable Handheld Air Pump
« on: November 30, 2021, 09:42:25 pm »
I just discovered this and wanted to share ...... 
I have no connection with the Manufacturer other than having just bought one !

Ring RTC2000 Hand Held Rechargeable ( via USB ) Air Pump.

Suitable for Motor Cars, Motorcycles, Cycles, Footballs etc.

Specifications :
  • Charging :
    Via Micro USB socket ( USB Type A to Micro USB Cable included )
  • Units :
    PSI / Bar / kPA
  • Pressure Range :
    0-120 PSI / 0 - 8.3 Bar
  • Wattage :]/b]
    67 W
  • Battery :
    3.7V Lithium Ion 5200 mAh

Features :
  • Rechargeable via USB
  • Backlit LED Display showing Pressure, Range in use ( PSI / Bar / kPA )
    Battery Level, and Memory position ( when selected )
  • 4 separate Memories for quick setting of different Pressures
    ( Very useful with the Trophy having different pressures Front & Rear ! )
  • Digital Autostop when set Pressure is reached
  • LED work light
  • Cordless
  • Powerbank with USB A Output socket
  • Storage for Adaptors in Base
  • Storage for Air Hose in side of Body
  • Approx 172mm ( 6.75" ) long, 66mm ( 2.6" ) wide
  • Operating environment : -20C to +60C
  • Weight : 485g

This weighs less, takes up less room and is more versatile than my previous
electric Tyre Pump that plugged into one of the accessory sockets.

The pressure gauge calibration is NOT certified, and it is recommended to check
its accuracy against a gauge that is calibrated / known to be accurate,
so that and make your own corrections if necessary.

Retail Price in the UK is around GBP 40.00 - Just in time for Christmas !  :131:

Here's some images :

Cheers  :821:

I believe the Part Number to be T2305488 - around 14.00 each.

Cheers  :821:

Check the Power ratings of the gear you want to connect.

The Sockets are protected by 10 Amp fuses / 120 Watts.
( Owners Handbook Page 81 ).

It is sad and disappointing when Official Dealerships,
who we look to for providing EXPERT help, let us down so badly,
often through a lack of knowledge or the expertise that we expect.

This is why Forums such as this, In my Humble Opinion, are invaluable,
so that Owners can obtain information and experience from others in a similar
situation - for their ultimate benefit and enjoyment of their motorcycle.

It is a fact without THIS Forum, and the information provided by its Members worldwide,
I could not have collated all of that information and presented a compelling case to both Triumph,
and VOSA ( UK Vehicle and Operator Services Agency ), resulting in the Safety Recall being issued.

Without it, it is likely that the Recall would never have happened,
and ultimately this could have resulted in serious injury or even the death of an Owner !

But WHY does it seem that messages from Triumph don't get through to their Dealer Network ?

We have seen how MANY of the US Dealers are totally oblivious to the Audio Software update
( where the XM Satellite radio would not shut down at Ignition OFF causing the main battery to drain ),
despite them ALL ( according to Triumph ) having been notified of the problem by way of a Technical Bulletin,
and now also with this Safety Recall we have seen widely differing responses from Dealers,
from not allowing an Owner to ride their Trophy after Inspection, to - as in Emerson's case,
allowing the Owner to ride away on a Trophy with a fault that SHOULD have been obvious, where it
was LIKELY to result in total electrical failure with the possible disastrous consequences mentioned above.  :027:

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